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In this episode of the Podcasting Resources Guide, we explore the significance of SEO research when choosing a podcast name and domain. Polly, our AI host, demystifies the bridge between podcasting and SEO, sharing some cautionary tales and success stories. The episode further dives into how SEO tools and AI can assist podcasters in finding the perfect name and domain for their podcast.

The Importance of SEO Research in Choosing a Podcast Name

Our AI host, Polly, kicks off the episode with a discussion on how SEO research is essential in the podcasting space. She emphasizes that SEO research isn’t just for the web but also applies to podcasting apps. The language people use to search for content on the internet often mirrors how they search within a podcast app.

“SEO Research in the Podcasting Space: The magic here lies in unlocking that reservoir of insight about search patterns, terms, and yes. The specific language people use when they’re hunt for content like yours.”— Polly

Polly shares that a significant percentage of new podcast followers find content through Google search, not through in-app search. This revelation underscores that podcasters need to curate for both the ears and the search engines.

  • SEO is crucial in understanding search patterns and terms
  • Language used in web searches is often similar to podcast app searches
  • Google plays a significant role in podcast discoverability

A Cautionary Tale

Polly shares a real-life story (with names changed for privacy) about the podcast, Five Palms Capital. While they could have chosen a clear and simple name like ‘apartment investment podcast,’ they opted for something more unique and missed out on a flood of traffic and exposure.

“They missed out on the opportunity to attract a flood of traffic, gain exposure, and amass a dedicated following that a keyword rich domain could have offered.”— Polly

This story underlines the importance of a keyword-rich domain and the potential for growth it offers.

  • Choosing a clear and straightforward name can help in podcast SEO
  • The opportunity to attract traffic and gain exposure is missed without a keyword-rich domain
  • A podcast name should effectively convey what the show is about

An SEO Success Story: The Power of Choosing the Right Domain

Polly discusses the success story of Katie Krimitsos, who picked an SEO-friendly domain name for her podcast – womensmeditationnetwork.com.

“Katie Krimitsos’ choice of a domain name: the stuff of SEO dreams.”— Polly

This straightforward and simple domain name has helped her site consistently appear on the first page of search results for anything related to women’s meditation. Polly highlights that this is a combination of an effective domain name and Katie’s marketing skills and podcast promotion strategies.

  • A simple and straightforward domain name is beneficial for SEO
  • A combination of a good domain name and effective marketing strategies leads to success
  • A domain name should be clear about what the website is about

SEO & AI Tools for finding the best name

Polly recommends some cost-effective SEO research tools like Mangools and Ubersuggest for podcasters. She also introduces ExoName, an AI tool designed to help podcasters come up with a list of optimal domain names.

Exoname, an AI-powered domain name generator, helps podcasters find unique, SEO-friendly podcast domain names that boost online presence.

The Exoname tool suggests unique SEO-friendly domain names based on your podcast description and checks domain availability in real time.

  • SEO research tools can aid in finding the perfect podcast name
  • AI tools like ExoName can suggest unique, SEO-friendly domain names
  • ExoName checks domain availability in real time

Domain Strategy for New Podcasts — Episode Summary

This episode sheds light on the importance of SEO research in choosing a podcast name and domain. It delves into real-life stories and highlights the effectiveness of SEO tools and AI in picking the best name for your podcast.

Welcome to the Podcasting Resources Guide, your ultimate companion podcast to our popular web tool. Join us as we explore and review the latest podcasting platforms, tools, and techniques added to our guide. In today's episode, we'll cover some SEO tricks for choosing a podcast name.

Alright, let's kick off this episode with a deep dive on the importance of SEO research when choosing a podcast name. Remember, this isn't about vanity, trendiness, or pushing boundaries of creativity; this is about hitting that sweet spot between relevance, discoverability and being user-friendly.

So, let's break it down.

First, why is SEO research critical in the podcasting space? Well, it's simply because it helps you understand how people are searching for your topic. The magic here lies in unlocking that reservoir of insight about search patterns, terms, and yes, the specific language people use when they're hunting for content like yours.

Now, you might think, "But Polly, I thought SEO was just for the web, not for podcasting apps", and to that we would say, in true Mythbusters style, myth busted! While it might seem that the two are worlds apart, they're actually closer than you think. You see, the phrases and terms people use to search for something on the internet are very often the same they'd use inside a podcast app.

And here's a golden nugget to remember: Our friends at Google still play a significant role in how people discover new podcast content. For our dear clients here at Polymash, a whopping 65% of new followers find them through Google search, not through in-app search.

That's right! So, as much as you're crafting for the ears, you're also curating for the search engines.

This means that a good bout of SEO research will not only help you pick a podcast title that is search friendly, but also a domain name that makes it instantly clear what your podcast is about. It's like having a neon sign in the busy cityscape of the internet that reads, "Hey, you! Yes, you - the one searching for a podcast on this topic. Right here. I'm what you're looking for!"

And in our books, we think that's pretty neat.

Alright, fellow podcasters, let's dive into a cautionary tale that perfectly highlights the importance of choosing the right domain for your podcast. Now, I want to emphasize that this story is based on true events, but we've tweaked the name a bit to protect the privacy of those involved. So, imagine this: Five Palms Capital, a brand new podcast centered around multi-family apartment investing, was all set to make a splash in the podcasting world. They had their website up and running, although it had a relatively low domain authority of 4. But hey, they were just starting out, right?

Now, here's where things get interesting. In the vast realm of possibilities, they could have opted for a clear and simple name like "Apartment Investment Podcast," with an equally straightforward URL like apartmentinvestmentpodcast.com Think about it – the term "apartment investment" garners around 1,500 searches per month. By incorporating this primary target keyword into their domain name, they could have skyrocketed their brand-new website to the top of search results in just a matter of months.

But instead, Five Palms Capital took a different route. They chose a name that was more unique, maybe even a bit exotic – "Five Palms Capital." And just like that, they missed out on the opportunity to attract a flood of traffic, gain exposure, and amass a dedicated following that a keyword-rich domain could have offered.

Now, let's take a step back for a moment. Which name paints a clearer picture in your mind – Five Palms Capital or Apartment Investment Podcast? Which one gives you a better understanding of what the podcast is all about?

You see, it's crucial to remember that this isn't just a game of search engine optimization; it's also about effectively conveying to your potential audience what your show is all about and why they should tune in. Striking the right balance can be challenging, but when you do, it works wonders.

Let's dive into a podcasting success story. This time, we have the inspiring tale of Katie Krimitsos, a close friend of the Polymash family, who struck gold with her amazing domain name choice: womensmeditationnetwork.com - Trust me, this is the stuff of SEO dreams.

What makes Katie's domain choice so brilliant, you ask? Well, for starters, it's simple and straightforward. No confusing jargon or complicated terms here. It's crystal clear that her website is all about women's meditation. That's the kind of clarity that search engines absolutely adore. That's why her site keeps showing up on the first page of search results when people look for anything related to women's meditation. Talk about prime real estate!

But hold on, let's not give the domain name all the credit. Yes, we at Polymash assisted Katie in designing her website a few years back, and we've witnessed the incredible surge in her website traffic on Google Analytics. But let's give credit where credit is due. Katie's marketing skills and her podcast promotion strategies are also major factors in her success. She's often speaks at podcast conferences to share her insightful strategies. Talk about being a true podcasting superstar!

However, we should not underestimate the power of a great domain. We firmly believe that Katie's initial domain selection, made around four or five years ago, served as the foundation for her incredible achievements.

So, what's the secret here? How can you choose a domain that's a guaranteed winner? Well, it all starts with identifying a good keyword to include in your domain. I know, it doesn't sound super exciting for a podcasting discussion. But fear not, there's a little trick you can use. Simply add the word 'podcast' at the end of your chosen keyword, and chances are, you'll find an available domain. It's that simple! This tailored domain will propel your podcast website to the top of search results in a fraction of the time it usually takes. We're talking months, instead of the typical 1 to 2 years. Now that's what we call podcast SEO done right!

Alright, let's switch gears and talk about some tools that can help pick an SEO-friendly podcast name. Being a digital strategy agency, we at Polymash naturally depend on SEO tools like "A.H- Refs" and "Semrush". However, we know the cost of these tools can be pretty steep for solo podcasters.

Fear not, for we have several cost-effective SEO research tools in store for you. In our resource guide, you’ll find some excellent tools like "Mangools" and "Ubersuggest". They're especially handy for new podcasters laying the groundwork for their digital presence. And yes, the links to them are right there in the show notes.

Doing some in-depth keyword research using tools like these is a fantastic way to give your podcast a head start. Let data, not just creative whims, guide your podcast domain name choice.

Remember, your podcast name and domain name need not match exactly. You can still be 'Five Palms Capital' on air, with a more keyword-loaded URL like realestateinvestmentpodcast.com for your website. And folks, we cannot stress this enough: steer clear of gimmicky names.

Moving on, let’s take a closer look at Exoname, a smart AI tool we recently featured in our guide. It's designed to help podcasters come up with a list of optimal domain names. Here’s how it stands out:

It has a smart algorithm that suggests unique SEO-friendly domain names based on the description of your podcast. The tool checks domain availability in real time, saving you a tad bit of hassle. It even lets you have a crack at premium domains. You can drop a description of up to 500 characters, pick your preferred domain extension, and let the tool do its magic.

Honestly, the only areas where it could do better are transparency about the AI technology that powers it, and more clarity on its pricing plans and features. Though it's free to use currently, a little more information on its future pricing wouldn't hurt.

In our books, Exoname is a solid ally for podcasters when it comes to securing a SEO-solid domain name. In testing it for a podcast-specific scenario, it offered a string of SEO-empowering domain names that were relevant, catchy, and totally tailored to our inputs. A definite thumbs-up from us at Polymash for your next podcast project!

Today, we explored the importance of SEO research in choosing a podcast name, the impact of domain names on website traffic, Katie's success story with her SEO-friendly domain name, and cost-effective SEO tools for finding the perfect podcast name. Thanks for listening to today's episode, I'll see you guys at the next one and don't forget to subscribe!

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