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The Latest Episode

Transitioning from Building an Audience to Building Your Platform

Transitioning from building an audience to building your platform is crucial for content creators and businesses. Avoid the risks of digital sharecropping and take control of your brand and content. Own your platform, diversify your digital presence, and embrace SEO-friendly practices to withstand changes in social media algorithms or policies.

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Introducing “The Digital Presence Spectrum” – a concept by Polymash to navigate the complexities of digital strategy. In this article, we focus on Stage 1: Building an Audience. Discover strategies for attracting and engaging your target audience.

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The Digital Presence Spectrum — Using Medium and Substack

This episode breaks down the myths and realities surrounding the use of audiograms for podcast promotion, explores the enhanced features of current audiogram platforms, and introduces ClipGen, a tool for creating engaging social media clips from podcast audio.

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Breaking Down Audiogram Effectiveness: Myths & Tools

In this episode, we discuss the significance of SEO research when picking a podcast name, share some real-life stories, and explore how SEO and AI tools can help you find the perfect name and domain for your podcast.

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Launch Smarter: SEO and Domain Strategy for New Podcasts

In this episode, we delve into the Podcast Industry Glossary by Sounds Profitable. This comprehensive tool is designed to clarify the complex language of podcasting, providing a roadmap for podcasters of all levels.

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Demystifying Podcasting Lingo – Exploring the Podcast Glossary by Sounds Profitable

Join us as we explore Wondercraft AI, a synthetic voice platform offering hyper-realistic AI voices, script drafting, music selection, and more to elevate your podcasting experience.

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Wondercraft AI Synthetic Voice Podcasting Platform

We navigate the fascinating world of AI voice cloning and synthetic voices in podcasting. Discover the benefits these technologies bring to podcast production, their potential ethical dilemmas, and the importance of using them responsibly.

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AI Voice Cloning & Synthetic Voices: Tools with Ethical Dilemmas?

Learn how in-house promos, dynamic audio insertion, and AI-powered tools like SpotOn can elevate your podcast’s reach, engagement, and offer more value to your listeners.

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How In-House Audio Ads Can Transform Your Podcast

We dive into the world of AI show notes generators, their potential to revolutionize podcasting, and their future potential for SEO optimization.

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The Podcasters’ Guide to AI Show Notes Generators

Polly shares a comprehensive guide on selecting the right remote recording platform for podcasting, highlights the top platforms, discusses the factors to consider, and underscores the importance of testing a platform before committing.

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How to Choose the Right Remote Recording Platform: A Guide for Podcasters

Get insights into the benefits of owning your custom domain and how PodPage and MakeLanding can help you create engaging web presence and landing pages for your podcast.

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Podcast Website Builders and Landing Pages

The world of podcast music, from AI-generated tunes to artist-created tracks. Explore Soundful, Pond5, and Boomy, tools that are illustrate the AI vs Creator music options podcasters incorporate into their shows.

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AI vs Creator: Pond5 vs AI Tools Soundful and Boomy

Engross in the supremacy of first-class sound and adaptability with the Rodecaster suite of podcast mixers. Regardless of your podcasting experience, there’s a Rodecaster mixer that’s impeccable for you.

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Rode Podcast Mixer Comparison

Dive into Patreon’s new free tier and Conjointly’s market test tool in this episode, and discover how these tools can help podcast creators connect with their audience and shape their content based on real consumer insights.

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Listening to the Listeners — Patreon and Conjointly

Explore the world of podcast summarization tools with us. Discover how Scribbler, Summly AI, and PodSum can help podcasters increase their show’s discoverability and offer a more efficient listening experience.

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Podcast Summary Tools: Scribbler, Sumly, Podsum

Explore the wonders of Krisp Noise Cancelling App, OpenAI’s Whisper Transcript API, and Originality AI Detector. Dive into this episode to discover how these tools can elevate your podcasting experience.

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Krisp Noise Canceling, Whisper AI Transcriptions, Originality AI Detector

We delve into the Rodecaster Duo, an all-in-one podcasting console that promises to revolutionize your workflow. We also examine the Streamlabs Ultra subscription and its new podcast editor feature, which could potentially simplify your podcast journey. Finally, we take a peek at the Adobe Podcast Suite, still in beta, but already creating a buzz in the podcasting world.

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Rodecaster Duo Podcasting Console, Streamlabs Ultra, Adobe Podcast Suite Beta

Unearth the best podcasting resources, from high-quality audio interfaces to innovative tools like PodViz and BlogTweet, designed to enhance your podcasting setup and boost your podcast discoverability.

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Podviz, Audio Interfaces, BlogTweet

We uncover the potential of three AI-powered podcast tools – Tapesearch, Podsift, and Abney AI – to transform content creation, enhance discoverability, and boost audience growth. Tune in as we dive into their unique capabilities and how they can help your podcasting experience.

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AI in Podcasting Showdown: Tapesearch, Podsift, and Abney AI

Discover the best podcasting microphones for 2023 in this episode of the Podcasting Resources Guide Podcast. Join Polly, your AI-powered host, as we explore dynamic vs. condenser mics, USB vs. XLR interfaces, and share top recommendations for various scenarios to help you achieve the perfect audio quality. Tune in and get ready to level up your podcasting gear!

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Best Podcast Microphones 2023: Dynamic vs Condenser, USB vs XLR

Discover Snipd, an AI-powered podcast app for summarizing content; Disco Free by Headliner, a plugin for expanding podcast audiences; and Usermaven, a tool providing insights into listener behavior. Learn how these tools can elevate your podcasting experience in this episode of Podcasting Resources Guide!

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AI Podcasting Tools: Snipd, Disco Free by Headliner, and Usermaven

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