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Juergen Berkessel

Juergen B.
Founder, Polymash


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The PRG Podcast — Would You Listen?

Your hosts Juergen B. and Co-host help answer your questions about podcasting from A to Z. Juergen is an experienced podcast agency owner, producer and launch expert having supported dozens of client podcast launches. We pass along our up-to-date insights and experience with strategy, launch, promotion and monetization, and review selected podcasting innovations, resources from the guide, software, tutorials, gear, hosting, promotion, marketing approaches and more.

Unfortunately my Co-Host had to suddenly pull out due to health reasons, so I am looking for help & suggestions! Contact Me...

We are well underway in making the Podcasting Resources Guide is the largest online collection of all podcasting related tools, sites, tutorials, music choices, gear guides, recommendations and more. Of course we think a companion podcast is fitting! But before we launch this, we thought we would ask you, our audience: Would you listen to a podcast about podcasting resources?

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