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About The Podcasting Gear and Resources Guide

Whether you're just curious about podcasting, starting a podcast, or taking your podcast in new directions, our Podcasting Resource Guide has you covered!

Our Podcasting Resources Guide helps you launch, produce, and promote your podcast; get more traffic, grow your subscribers and rank; optimize your format, and make money from your podcast. These podcasting resources are an ever evolving directory which is constantly being updated!

More than a directory

You will find comments, reviews, pros, cons and guidance in the form of advice and tutorials for many of the resources we ourselves have used.

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Background Story To Our Podcasting Gear and Resources

We at Polymash have launched dozens of podcasts for clients. Our focus is to help people with podcast marketing, SEO, and audience growth.

I'm Juergen Berkessel.  I founded Polymash in 2010. We are a digital strategy agency.  Our focus has been "podcasting as content strategy."  We have been curating and carefully compiling this Podcasting Resources Guide since 2014.  It has grown to a comprehensive repository of useful tools and techniques for podcasters. We delight in sharing freely.

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Why This Guide?

Our goal is to create a single place where to access the ever growing list of all the podcasting related tools, sites, tutorials, music choices, gear guides, recommendations and more. You will find answers to your why, what, and how questions.

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What's In The Guide? An Overview...

Gear Guides

If you are just starting a podcast, then microphone and headphone selection and recording gear choices can be confusing. We feature recommendations from popular podcasting sites, and also have our own Polymash podcast equipment choices, mixer and mic selections to offer.

Software And Apps

From podcast recording software to audio cleanup tools, podcasting software is a fast growing field. We curate the gold standards as well as emerging tech.

Podcast Launch

Resources for launching a podcast.This includes tutorials, articles, courses, and services that help you in your planning and launch phase.

Podcasting Tutorials and How To Guides

A directory of tutorials on podcasting, podcast strategy and marketing as well as technical and sound processing techniques. Before publishing your first podcast episode, you benefit from a bit of research. Whether you are using Adobe Audition or Audacity for audio editing, these tutorials will help.

Marketing and SEO

As the number of podcasts increases, getting your show notices is harder than ever before. For most of us podcast growth and marketing has to happen outside of the iTunes store, at least after the initial launch and presence in the new and noteworthy section is over. SEO and traditional marketing are becoming ever more important.

Music & Sound Effects

When launching a podcast, the branding is not just visual, but auditory. This means picking out the best music for your intro and outro, and also effects for transitions or music beds during the show. Podcast production values are increasing, storytelling podcasts are on the rise, and selecting the right sound can be a critical element in branding your show and engaging your audience. There are a number of sites and resources to help you source legal and royalty free sounds.

Podcast Hosts

Where you host your podcast can have a significant impact on how you market your show, and on how discoverable it is in podcast directories as well as on Google search.

Remote Recording

Getting good quality for remotely recorded interviews is a challenge. While Zoom is convenient, the resulting audio is horrible. Skype is slightly better since they use a better audio CODEC (how they compress and transmit sound). However the quality is not nearly what you would get with locally recorded interviews. Over the last few years, more solutions have come up to address this issue. We outline some of the best and new platforms for remote recording. Typically these work through a browser by recording audio locally at both the host and guest's end, and then collecting and sending this locally recorded audio to the host for later assembly.

Podcast Directories

Ensuring your podcast can be easily discovered by listeners on existing platforms may be a passive promotion method. This is also one of the easiest marketing approaches you can take. You're looking to make sure your podcast has the most reach possible. Being in the right podcast directories is a great start towards marketing your podcast. We're including web stats for each directory: For each directory we are including sign-up links as well as web stats from Similarweb as a relative measure of popularity for each platform. We're adding this research as a form of encouragement. You can decide for yourself if the traffic to these directories is worth your submission effort. My own approach: if the platform has more than 50K visits a month, it's worth submitting. Many have 100s of million visits a month.

Voice Over Artists

For people developing their intros and outros, we often recommend getting a professional VO artist to introduce the host of the show. We usually recommend female intros for male hosts and vice versa - because we like the juxtaposition.

Video & Streaming Resources

Video Podcasting Tools and Streaming. YouTube and video are a major form of podcast consumption already, and we are curating platforms and tools both for podcasters as well as streamers

Guesting Services

These services find and book guests, and can often drastically reduce the time it takes to collect guest information like bio, profile pics and social media links. We are also including resources for podcasters to guest on other shows, as well as systems to run outreach campaigns to find and contact shows to be on.

Tools and Utilities

Podcasting can be simple, but even then it is time consuming. We are collecting a number of productivity and workflow tools to help speed the production workflow as well as tools around promotion and SEO. 

Blogs and News

Keep up with perspectives on podcasting and the industry as a whole. Some of the most compelling blogs, sites and resources in the podcasting shpere.

Podcast Website Design

Podcast websites are an important part of podcast discovery. Only frequent podcast listeners use their podcast apps to discover new podcasts, the majority of consumers use Google search, and this is why having a website and some SEO strategy is an important component of podcast discovery.

Polymash Tools Stack

As a digital strategy marketing agency as well as an online tool geek, I have been using, trying, subscribing and unsubscribing from digital tools and solutions for decades. Over the years we have been refining a stack of tools we believe in for ourselves, other marketers, podcasters and small business owners. Here is our curated list of tools. Disclosure: Links to these sites may be affiliate links that generate us a small commission at no extra cost to you.


Right now is one of the most innovative time in podcasting history. Those of you who know us at Polymash probably realize we are tool and platform geeks. So here we try to curate some of the most innovative happenings in podcasting.


Perspectives on podcast monetization, platforms that help monetize through memberships, premium content, guidance for finding and engaging with sponsors.

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Our team is working tirelessly to create this guide for you, and to bring you the most innovative podcasting resources out there. 

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