Private Podcasts for Internal Engagement
Private Podcasts for Internal Engagement

Private Podcasts as a Strategic Tool for Internal Engagement: What You Need to Know [Ep34]

Discover the power of private podcasting for internal engagement, as Polly explores its benefits, challenges, and innovative solutions to foster a connected workplace culture.

Sure MovMic Lavalier Podcast Cover Art

The Role of Lavalier Systems in Podcasting: Featuring the SureMove Mic 2 [Ep33]

We explore lavalier mics with a focus on the Shure MoveMic Two Kit, exploring its role in podcasting for enhanced audio quality and versatility.

Shocker! Podcaster Claims Apple Prioritizes Paid Shows Over Free Ones

Podcasting Strategy Insights Newsletter Issue Nine [EP32]

In this episode of Podcasting Resources Guide, we tackle key industry updates and strategies from issue 9 of Podcasting Strategy Insights Newsletter.

A Photographer's Journey into the Realm of Synthetic Voice Podcasting

A Photographer’s Journey into the Realm of Synthetic Voice Podcasting [Ep31]

Polly and Juergen discuss the transformative role of AI in podcasting and art, reflecting on technology’s evolution from analog to digital and its impact on creativity and storytelling.

YouTube AI Disclosure Policy

YouTube’s AI Disclosure Policy: How it Impacts Podcasters and Creators [Ep30]

Polly and Juergen analyze YouTube’s AI disclosure policy and its ramifications for podcasting, emphasizing transparency and future content creation.

Podroll Dynamic Feed Drops

PodRoll: Boosting Podcast Growth with Dynamic Feed Drops [Ep29]

Discover Podroll’s Dynamic Feed Drops for innovative podcast promotion, audience growth, and new monetization avenues in podcasting.

The Podcaster's Survival Guide to Generative Search: Adapting to Google's AI Revolution cover

Navigating Generative Search: A New Era for Podcast SEO [Ep28]

Explore the impact of AI on podcast SEO in ‘Navigating Generative Search,’ where expert insights reveal how show notes, transcripts, and authentic storytelling shape discoverability.

Introducing the new Sure SM7dB

Choosing the Best Broadcast Mic: SM7B vs. SM7dB

Hello microphone enthusiasts! Polly was thrilled to walk us through a wonderfully detailed introduction of the Shure SM7dB XLR – a new m

Automated Podcast Marketing

MissingLettr: The Missing Ingredient to Automated Podcast Marketing

“Podcasters can streamline social media marketing with automation tools like MissingLettr, which balances automated posts with personal engagement. Key features include user-friendly interface, integrations, support, and affordable pricing. MissingLettr offers drip campaigns, content optimization, and a lifetime deal on AppSumo.”

Spotify New Features

How to Take Advantage of Spotify’s New Podcasting Features

Discover how Spotify’s new features enhance podcasting experiences, offering personalized customization, impression analytics, and monetization tools. Learn how to optimize your show page for visibility and explore the power of podcast SEO for successful discoverability.