youtube podtubing bundle

This podcasting setup has all the gear you need to record/stream quality video podcasts. This setup was made with youtube being your primary platform in mind.

First Choice For Microphone
Our Pick For Best Budget Microphone
Rode PodMic Cardioid Dynamic Podcasting Microphone

The all-new PodMic is a broadcast-grade dynamic microphone designed for podcast applications. It features a built-in pop filter and a rich, even sound it will give your voice a silky, professional quality.

At Polymash this microphone is our choice for "budget" only because it is so affordable. Really the quality of this mic places it into mid-range to higher end microphones, and the fact that it has a pop filter and shock mount built in are a great plus as well as a money saver.

The internal shock mount and pop filter work very well, here is what Rode has to say about that:

Does the PodMic need a shock mount and pop filter?

- Due to the design of the swing mount, the PodMic cannot be attached to an external shock mount.

- However, the PodMic’s capsule is internally suspended and the swing mount is internally decoupled from the body, so you do not need to use a shock mount. There's also an in-built pop filter, so you do not need to use a windshield.

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06/07/2023 12:42 am GMT
Alternate Choice For Microphone
Audio-Technica AT2005USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone

Often recommended by our fellow podcasters, these microphones are our former pick, and still a great starter choice.

Most importantly, they are Dynamic mics. This means they reject background noise and are perfect for studio that are not sound-proofed. They need to be quite close to the speaker's mouth, as is true with all dynamic microphones. Therefore they require mounting on a boom arm. I also recommend using a shock mount as this improves sound quality and eliminates desk banging noises.

- These come with XLR audio cables long enough for a 2 person interview setup

- They also include a desk stand, which we will likely NOT use, but is handy for mounting the Zoom H6 recorder.

- These can be plugged directly into a computer with the USB port, and plugged into the Zoom recorder using the XLR cables.

- However, for much improved quality I would recommend using these with XLR cables and a good USB pre-amp to connect to your Mac or PC.

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Lights and Desk Clamps
Lume Cube 2.0 | Adjustable Daylight Balanced LED Light | for Photo and Video, Content Creation

The lighting tool for creators designed to go anywhere and tackle any challenge. Meticulously crafted to meet our standards for small size and powerful impact, the lightweight and travel-ready Lume Cube 2.0 stands just 1.6” tall and packs enough power to light up a room.

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06/06/2023 09:43 pm GMT
Stream Deck

Toggle mics, switch scenes in OBS, play sounds, and trigger actions in other tools with a stream deck to make streaming more seamless

Elgato Stream Deck - Live Content Creation Controller

Stream Deck puts 15 LCD keys at your fingertips for ultimate studio control. Simply tap to switch scenes, launch media, tweet your feats and more. Personalize your keys with custom icons or choose from hundreds, and get visual feedback every time you execute a command. With Stream Deck, maximize your production value and focus on what matters most: your audience. Interface Integrated USB 2.0 cable.

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  • 15 LCD keys: Tap to switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio and more
  • Fully customizable: Personalize keys with custom icons or choose from hundreds
  • Direct integration: Control game capture, OBS, XSplit, TipeeeStream, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and more
  • Easy setup: simply drag and drop actions onto keys in the app
  • Unlimited control: Nest folders within folders to store as many actions as you want
Logitech BRIO – Ultra HD Webcam for Video Conferencing, Recording, and Streaming

Logitech BRIO is packed with features that produce stunning video in any environment. Our first 4K ultra high-def camera offers 5x digital zoom and RightLight™ 3 with HDR. Background replacement gives you the freedom to meet anywhere.

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