A directory of tutorials on podcasting, podcast strategy and marketing as well as technical and sound processing techniques. Before publishing your first podcast episode, you benefit from a bit of research. Whether you are using Adobe Audition or Audacity for audio editing, these tutorials will help. (Tip: Use the Filters button to further narrow your selection)

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Outreach campaign

    This guide shows you an outreach template you could use to increase your chances on getting featured in podcasts Learn More

    Thinking of Starting a Podcast? Here’s What You Need to Know

      Article describing the authors experience on creating a podcasts and insights on what she could have done to improve it Learn More

      Podcast Home Page Design Guide

        Podcast Website Design Pattern For Conversion and List Building. Free downloadable quick reference guide. Learn More

        Show Notes Reference Guide
        Upside down podcast homepage

          A video and outline about the podcast website design pattern called “The Upside Down Podcast Home Page” Learn More

          Podcast SEO Course

            How to Grow Your Podcast, Get More Traffic, Subscribers & Increased Rank. Learn More

            Podcast Guesting

              A useful guide on podcast guesting that answers why should you care and how and where to get started Learn More

              Podcast Marketing & SEO

                Having trouble with optimizing the yoast plugin in wordpress? This guide talks all about it Learn More

                Podcasts as Content Strategies

                  Guide on how to use podcasts to achieve business goals and objectives. Learn More

                  recording with a mix minus

                    A guide on how to record skype calls and interviews with a mix minus Learn More

                    Polymash Podcasting Article

                      Figuring out if what the right format for your podcast can be pretty overwhelming. Our blog on this issue guides… Learn More

                      How to Guide

                        Podcast academy's how to guide on how find and become a guest in a podcast Learn More

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