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If you are like most podcasters, you will have asked yourself how to make your podcast stand out. But without resorting to plastering paid ads everywhere or barraging people with pleading emails? And perhaps you have also wondered how the latest AI tools like Chat-GPT can help in the process. Well, it's time to discover our one-of-a-kind SEO for Podcasts course!

Why Did I Create This Free Course?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is a graphic from the Edison Research “Infinite Dial” study, pointing out that 65% of podcast discovery happens on the web:

SEO For Podcasts Matters for Podcast Discoverability
Source: Edison Research Infinite Dial

As the founder of a podcast production and marketing agency I often see people’s eyes glaze over on this topic.

I'm constantly bombarded with questions from SEO skeptics who think it's either too technical or not worth their time.

Guess what? I’m on a mission to change that mindset! I understand that SEO can be intimidating and not exactly the most exciting topic for most people. But trust me, you won't feel like you need a degree in computer science to understand the ins and outs of SEO.

This free email course is designed not to bore you with technicalities but to help you grasp the massive opportunities SEO presents for boosting your podcast's visibility. Even if you're a self-proclaimed "I-hate-SEO" skeptic; you might just have a change of heart, or at least become SEO-curious after joining. And who knows? You might even find yourself turning into an SEO advocate.

Worried about getting lost in technical terms? Fear not! Our SEO for Podcasts course focuses on the big picture, so you'll easily latch on to the concept without feeling like you're drowning in a sea of unsolvable riddles. I also cover ways in which to use AI tools like a harp-GPT in the process.

Gain a High-Level Understanding of SEO for Your Podcast's Growth

I talk to many people curious about the impact of SEO on their podcast, but often they feel overwhelmed by the technical side of it… Our free course is designed to provide a high-level understanding of SEO, perfectly suited for podcasters, producers and hosts looking to expand their audience.

I tried hard to leave confusing jargon behind and dive into the essence of SEO that matters for your podcast's success. Equip yourself with a fresh perspective and let SEO become an invaluable tool to help your show flourish.

So, what are you waiting for?

It's time to embark on an enlightening journey and let SEO reveal its wonders for your podcast.

FAQ – SEO for Podcasts Email Course Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I expect from this course?

A: This course provides a high-level understanding of SEO tailored for podcast producers. It will help you appreciate the benefits of SEO for your podcast's growth without getting into technical complexities.

Q: How long is this course?

A: The SEO for Podcasts email course is designed to be both informative and manageable. The lessons are conveniently spread out over 10 weekdays, allowing you to absorb the knowledge at your own pace.

Q: Will this course teach me step-by-step SEO?

A: No. The focus of this course is to give you a high-level understanding of SEO and its impact on podcast growth, rather than a detailed step-by-step guide.

Q: Do I need to know anything about SEO before taking this course?

A: Not at all! This course is perfect for those new to SEO or those with little knowledge. Our goal is to help you grasp the essentials and their significance for your podcast in a friendly and accessible way.

Q: Will there be jargon in this course?

A: We've intentionally designed this course to minimize the use of jargon and focus on the aspects of SEO that are most relevant to podcast producers.

Q: As a podcaster, why should I have to learn about SEO? Can't I leave it to my virtual assistant (VA) or podcast producer?

A: While you can delegate SEO tasks to others, having a solid understanding of the principles yourself can greatly benefit your podcast. It can help you make informed decisions, collaborate and communicate better with your team, and ensure that your podcast's SEO strategy aligns with your vision and goals.

Will Chat-GPT do SEO for me?

A: No, but Chat-GPT is great at suggesting keywords and helping craft SEO friendly descriptions and meta-data for your show. PLUS, for the technically inclined there are even SEO specific “plugins” that turn Chat-GPT into a capable data-driven SEO assistant.

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