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We featured voxalyze here before with a focus on its visibility optimization feature

Now we would like to give light to thier other features namely Analytics and Podcast Attribution

Analytics - Better Podcast Data For Better Decisions

Most hosting services offer the same cookie-cutter download reports. They are static and don’t provide actionable insights. Voxalyze have redesigned podcast analytics from the ground up to provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions about your content and promotion strategy.

Analyze Your Downloads From All Angles

  • Easily explore all dimensions of your data to uncover hidden insights like country, weeday, time of day, operating system.

Make Your Podcast Data More Meaningful

  • Compare different periods to measure your progression.
  • Switch between time scales to pinpoint the beginning of trends more easily.
  • See the effect of seasonality.
  • Spot outliers to detect app features or investigate potential issues.
  • Add your own notes to understand the data in hindsight.
  • See at a glance how your ratio of 5-star reviews evolves week-over-week.

The Cornerstone Of Your Audience Growth

  • Combine our best-in-class analytics solution with podcast visibility optimization and attribution to get a holistic view.
  • Grow your ad revenue by easily giving advertisers access to data that matters to them.


Podcast Attribution

Promoting your podcast without the ability to understand which paid campaigns and social media posts drive listener growth leads to inaction, wasted ad budget, and missed opportunities. Voxalyze is the only attribution solution entirely made for podcast publishers.

Voxalyze collects data from dozens of sources and turn it into powerful insights that help you allocate your time and ad budget to the right promotion channels.

With Voxalyze, you can drill down to the channel, campaign, ad set, and ad levels to optimize your paid campaigns with the highest level of precision. Want to see how many listeners a particular tweet or email brought in? That’s possible too.

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