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Trailergram: Revolutionizing How Podcasters Reach New Audiences

Trailergram: A New Era in Podcast Promotion

Podcasting has become a crowded and competitive space. With countless shows vying for attention, standing out and attracting new listeners is a challenge for even the most seasoned podcasters. Enter Trailergram, a platform that promises to revolutionize podcast promotion by reaching beyond a show's current audience to find fresh ears.

How Podcasters Benefit From Using Trailergram

Podcasters are in a constant search for growth strategies that can introduce their content to new listeners. Trailergram offers a suite of features that can significantly aid in this pursuit:

  • Podcast Trailer Advertising: Your podcast trailers are placed alongside top-tier content on platforms like Yahoo and CNN, targeting potential listeners who are genuinely interested in your genre.
  • New Listener Discovery: The vast ad network casts a wide net to capture the attention of people who have yet to discover your podcast.
  • Engagement Through Notifications: Once intrigued by your trailer, listeners can opt-in to receive push notifications, which serves as a direct line to retain their interest.
  • Direct Episode Access: Post-trailer, listeners are funneled to an inbuilt player to immediately start listening to your episodes, reducing friction and potentially increasing subscriber numbers.
  • AI-Driven Notifications: Automated notifications keep your podcast top-of-mind by informing subscribers about upcoming content.
  • Authentic Engagement: CloudFlare's integration ensures that your listens are legitimate, offering peace of mind that you're building an authentic audience.
  • Analytics for ROI: A custom analytics dashboard lets you track the effectiveness of your campaigns, giving insights into trailer plays, ad impressions, and more.
  • Host Compatibility: The platform works with your existing podcast hosting site, ensuring that all new listens are accounted for.
  • Campaign Evaluation: After 3 weeks, you can assess your campaign's impact, making Trailergram a tool for both immediate and long-term growth strategies.


The features provided by Trailergram set the stage for a new approach to podcast marketing. Let's delve into how each feature can empower podcasters:

  • Expansive Ad Network: With over 10,000 publishers, the potential for discovering new listeners is substantial.
  • Push Notification Service: Keeping listeners engaged and informed about new episodes can lead to a dedicated subscriber base.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Understanding campaign performance helps in refining future marketing efforts.
  • CloudFlare Partnership: Guarantees the authenticity of listener engagement, an important factor for podcasters focused on quality audience growth.

Pricing Info

As of this writing, Trailergram operates on a subscription model, where you pay for a guaranteed number of monthly podcast trailer listens. It's an intriguing pricing model that's based more on campaigns rather than a standard subscription, providing flexibility for podcasters looking to promote their shows in bursts. However, the minimum spend of $500 might be steep for indie podcasters or those just starting out, and a lower entry point could be beneficial for those groups.

Our Take And Observations

Finally a podcast promotion concept I can get behind: Trailergram promises to deliver your show to new audiences without the need to rely on the existing size of your social media following. This approach is refreshing and offers a much-needed alternative to the status quo, where much of the promotion effort often feels like "preaching to the choir." The platform's targeting capabilities, combined with the innovative use of push notifications, could very well be the game-changer podcasters have been waiting for.


More Information

Offers a novel approach to podcast promotion, potentially reaching untapped audiences.
Effective use of push notifications to maintain and build listener relationships.
Comprehensive analytics to track and refine promotion strategies.
Provides protection against invalid listens, ensuring meaningful engagement data.
Aids in podcast growth, by potentially increasing episode downloads and subscribers.
Campaigns can improve podcast discoverability, essential for new and growing shows.
Responsibility for creating engaging trailer content rests on the podcaster, which could be a hurdle for some.
Lack of AI assistance for trailer creation might be a missed opportunity for supporting indie podcasters.
Limited access to detailed subscriber data could impede the ability to personalize content for the audience.

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