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ThePod.app is a guest booking platform initially made to reduce the amount of spam messages podcast producers receive.

Simply it is a guest booking management system designed for podcasters to help manage and filter inbound requests from publicists and potential guests. ThePod provides a customized solution to the problem of managing and organizing guest requests.

Their system includes a "Be A Guest" form that forces publicists to answer specific questions related to the show they are pitching, which helps identify and prioritize important guests while reducing spam. The information from the form is organized into a database that which helps the people who would be interested in becoming a guest in your podcast find you.

The system is available to the public and can be used by anyone looking to book guests on their podcast.


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Our Take And Observations
Publicists and potential guests may need to be directed to ThePod.app and may not be familiar with the system, which could require additional communication and outreach efforts on the part of podcasters.
Helps podcasters manage and filter inbound guest requests, reducing the amount of spam and organizing key information into a database
The Be A Guest form forces publicists to answer specific questions related to the show they are pitching, helping identify and prioritize important guests
Provides a customized solution to managing guest requests that is more efficient than using a spreadsheet
Can be a valuable resource for the podcasting community and the publicists they work with
May help streamline the guest booking process and save time for podcasters
ThePod.app may not be suitable for all podcasters, depending on their needs and preferences

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