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Texo: Simplifying Podcast Content Creation through AI

If you're a podcaster looking for an easy way to streamline your podcast content creation process, consider Texo. Powered by AI technology, this tool aims to automate many tasks in the content creation process for generating show notes and social media content, making it a potentially handy addition to your podcasting kit.


Texo comes with several features designed to help podcasters of all scales. Whether you're just getting your feet wet in the world of podcasting or you're already a seasoned podcaster, Texo has something for everyone.

  • Easy Upload: Simply upload your podcast recording and watch as Texo generates several pieces of publish-ready content in just a few minutes.
  • Rich Content Extraction: Texo's AI automatically extracts various content elements from your uploaded audio, including headlines, show notes, key themes, questions, quotes, social media posts, and hashtags.
  • AI Chatbot: Want to extract more content from your podcast? Interact with Texo's custom AI chatbot to get the content you desire.
  • Flexible Plans: With different plans to cater to various podcasting needs, you're sure to find one that fits yours. Choose from free, standard, pro, and business plans.

How Podcasters Benefit From Using This

Texo offers several benefits for podcasters, from simplifying the content creation process to enhancing podcast SEO. Here's how podcasters can benefit from using this tool:

  • Streamlined podcast workflow through quick content generation
  • AI-powered automation for podcast content creation
  • Flexible plans to suit different podcasting needs
  • Easy upload and content extraction
  • Interaction with a custom AI chatbot for additional content extraction


Texo offers different plans, with the pricing as of this writing being:

  • Free Plan: Best for personal use with limited features, including 1 upload per month and basic support.
  • Standard Plan: Suitable for small podcasters with 5 uploads per month, project organization, and additional AI Q&A.
  • Pro Plan: Ideal for multiple podcast owners with 10 uploads per month, project organization, additional AI Q&A, and email support.
  • Business Plan: Designed for large-scale podcasters with 20 uploads per month, project organization, additional AI Q&A, and email support.

We love the free trial, but we're not fans of the "charge per episode" approach, which we feel punishes shorter format podcasts like our own. Costs about the same as other tools in the space, but as of this writing delivers less than the leading platforms for the price.

Our Take And Observations

We tested this on our own short form podcast and it produced excellent, if simple results. It is a super easy interface with a basic editor to edit the AI generated results. Great quick solution for short format podcasts, but ultimately this lacks the templates and more advanced implementation of the leading AI based show note generators. And it costs about the same. Has potential but only if they keep developing it to be on par with the leaders in the field.

More Information

Excellent content, even for short format episodes
Free trial available
Simple interface
AI chat feature that is trained on each episode
No templates
No AI pre-training
No setup for Speaker Labels
No global search and replace
No ability to save prompts
No show notes template setup
Pricing is on a per-episode upload basis, which may be unfair for short format podcasts

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