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Swell AI is an AI writing service that uses machine learning to convert podcasts and videos into articles. They have developed a platform that can analyze large amounts of data and identify trends and patterns to create compelling shownotes and articles. They automate writing articles, summaries, time-stamped show notes and more for your podcasts and videos and Its free to sign up

Transform your podcasts and videos into written articles to expand the reach of your content and drive more organic traffic to your blog. With Swell AI, you can upload multiple videos and receive an email notification when the articles are ready to publish. Swell AI will identify the key sections of each video and create headings, subheadings, and paragraphs to organize the content. Additionally, the articles will be optimized for search engines to help your blog rank higher in search results. Don't miss out on Swell AI's services, including a free demo with up to 2 uploads per month. Note that support may not be available for the free trial.

Swell AI Marketing Content

Convert podcasts into articles

Repurpose your video or podcast content and grow organic traffic to your blog. Upload multiple videos, get emailed when the articles are ready to publish.

Covert videos into articles

Swell AI identifies the sections of each videos and write headings, subheadings, and paragraphs for each of them.

Convert YouTube videos into articles

SEO ready to get more organic traffic to your site. We include the keywords in your transcription and generate enough content for you to rank page one.

Consider trying it because they offer a free demo of up to 2 uploads per month with the only downside of not having support available.

Swell AI Output Example — Part of our Podcasting Resources Guide Review

What follows below is example article output from Swell AI, using our recent episode of the Podcasting Resources Guide Podcast, specifically our interview with PodPros founder Alex Sanfilippo. You can listen to the interview here, attached to this entry.

Entrepreneurial itch: podcasting.

Podcasting has been a major boon for entrepreneurs. It not only provides a platform for people to share their stories and ideas, but it also allows them to connect with like-minded people, build relationships, and gain valuable insights. One such entrepreneur is Alex Sanfilippo, the co-founder of PodPros.com.
In an episode of the Podcasting Resources Guide podcast, Alex shared his story of how he developed an entrepreneurial itch after spending fifteen years in the corporate world. He had a passion for helping independent voices within the podcasting industry get their message heard by more people, but he didn’t know how to become an entrepreneur. That’s when he decided to start a podcast.
Through his podcast, Alex was able to connect with other entrepreneurs and gain valuable insights. He was also able to share his story and ideas with a larger audience. This allowed him to build relationships and gain valuable experience which he used to create several amazing platforms for podcasters, such as PodMatch, PodcastSOP, PodLottery, and PodTalks.
Alex’s story is a testament to the power of podcasting. It is a powerful platform for entrepreneurs to share their stories, ideas, and experiences. Not only does it provide a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded people, but it also allows them to gain valuable insights and experiences which can help them in their entrepreneurial journey. So if you’ve got an entrepreneurial itch, podcasting may be the perfect way to scratch it.

Find an area of passion.

Alex’s story is a great example of how to find an area of passion and use it to create a successful business. He started by attending a conference, where he heard a common problem that many podcasters were facing: finding the ideal guest for their show. Alex then took this problem and offered a solution: PodMatch. He didn’t spend time and money on logos and branding, but instead focused on creating a minimum viable product that could solve the problem. He also used the same model as dating apps, which was a successful way of matching hosts and guests.
The success of PodMatch is a great example of how to find an area of passion and use it to create something successful. Alex’s story is also a reminder that the key to success is to start small and focus on continuous improvement. It is also important to remember that when creating a product or service, it is important to validate the problem first. This can be done by talking to people in the community and asking them what they are struggling with.
Alex’s story is inspiring, and it shows us that if we focus on finding an area of passion and creating something that solves a problem, we can create something successful. So if you’ve got an entrepreneurial itch, podcasting may be the perfect way to scratch it.

Help podcasters impact lives.

Podcasting offers a unique opportunity to impact lives. Through podcasting, creators can reach a vast audience and share their stories, knowledge, and experiences. Furthermore, by creating a podcast, podcasters can connect with people around the world and build relationships with them. This connection can lead to meaningful conversations, collaborations, and even business opportunities.
Alex’s story demonstrates how podcasting can help podcasters impact lives. He has helped countless people keep going, even when they were ready to give up. His services have enabled podcasters to reach a wider audience and make an impact on their lives. Furthermore, his services have helped some podcasters reach the seven-figure mark.
Alex’s passion for helping podcasters is admirable. He believes that even if a podcaster doesn’t change the world, they can still have a positive impact on one person’s life. This is why he is so passionate about helping podcasters succeed. He wants to make sure that the independent voices on either side of the mic are heard and that their content is reaching the people who need it most.
In order to help podcasters impact lives, Alex is passionate about protecting the decentralization of podcasting. He doesn’t want it to become like YouTube, where only certain content is allowed to be seen. He believes that podcasting is the ultimate form of media and that it allows people to find what they need.
Alex’s story is inspiring. He is passionate about helping podcasters succeed and make an impact on people’s lives. He wants to make sure that independent voices are heard and that podcasting remains decentralized. He is also passionate about simplifying the administrative process for podcasting, so that podcasters can spend more time with their listeners. Through his passion for podcasting, Alex is helping podcasters impact lives.

Keep podcasting to serve.

Alex believes that the key to keeping podcasting alive is to help those who have a passion for it and a purpose to serve. He wants to reduce the high failure rate of podcasting by helping those who have the right intent. He believes that 50% of people who start podcasting are doing it for the wrong reasons, such as fame or money. He wants to help the other 40%, those who have a message and a passion to serve, stay in the game longer.
Alex has developed software to help podcasters succeed. His software, Podmatch, Podcast SOP, and Podlottery, are designed to make the administrative process easier and to help podcasters stay focused on their listeners. He also wants to help podcasters by connecting them with established podcasters who can help them take the next step. He is a strong advocate for collaboration, believing that it is the only way to make a bigger impact on more podcasters’ lives.
Alex’s passion for podcasting is inspiring. He is dedicated to helping podcasters stay in the game longer and make an impact on people’s lives. His dedication to helping podcasters succeed is evident in the software he has developed and the collaborations he has formed. His vision for the future of podcasting is one of collaboration and service. He wants to see more podcasters serving their listeners and having a positive impact on their lives. Alex’s passion for podcasting is a reminder that we should all strive to keep podcasting to serve.


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Our Take And Observations
Out of all the show notes tools, this is by far the most advanced I have tried. And by advanced I mean simple to use with high quality results. I tested several other tools using the same podcast episode.
Advanced AI with ChatGPT integration

Has a free option for 2 uploads that refreshes every month

Reasonable subscription pricing

More simple and easy to use than all other platforms I have tried
AI writing is not perfect and still requires small amount of human intervention in some cases
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This resource contains an affiliate link. If you use this link to buy something we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

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Swell AI 1 review

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1 review
  • Juergen Berkessel

    This one got pretty close to filling my needs, perhaps the quality comes from ChatGPT integration. Important note: ChatGPT is integrated into the interface, and processes the podcast transcript before answering any of your questions. It stays “on-topic” and so I was able to generate a pretty accurate show notes article, complete with sub-headings, paragraphs that made sense and followed the topics we covered on the show.

    I also got Instagram, LinkedIn and social media posts just by asking ChatGPT for them. If you are interested in example output, visit our Podcasting Resources Guide entry .

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