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Most podcast hosting services now provide integration with Spotify. In Libsyn, for example, you can define Spotify as a target publishing destination. Libsyn also provides detailed "how to" guides on setting this up in the first place. Submissions to Spotify are handled inside your podcast hosting platform. This should be the preferred way to publish on Spotify, as I understand it "preferred partner hosts" like Libsyn integrate with Spotify so that you get analytics.

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We’re including sign-up links as well as web stats from Similarweb as a relative measure of popularity for each platform. We’re adding this research as a form of encouragement. You can decide for yourself if the traffic to these directories is worth your submission effort. Our own approach: if the platform has more than 50K visits a month, it’s worth submitting. Many have 100s of million visits a month

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Spotify also has a Podcast Portal, which means you can submit your podcast manually if you are not with a preferred partner. However, your episodes will be cached on Spotify, and this means your analytics won't reflect listener credits in your hosting platform. This is why you should submit via your Spotify preferred podcast hosting platform if possible.

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