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PodPros was established to support the podcasting industry, both for independent show hosts and for guests who are featured on their shows. Podpros believe that podcasting is a vital means for people to share their thoughts and ideas, as traditional media and social media platforms often have their own agendas, which can make it difficult to find truly independent voices. They are committed to promoting the voices of independent people with unique perspectives and to fostering the growth of the podcasting industry.

What is Podpros?

Podpros is the umbrella name for multiple software solutions for podcasters that Alex Sanfilippo made with his team. Their goal there is just to create software solutions to help podcast guests and podcast hosts go further faster. It is also a community that helps each other because of their shared passion in podcasting.

PodPros is about elevating independent voices through podcasting. they don't care about making money (In fact, they give 50% of it back to podcasters, and give away the majority of what they 'take home' as well) All they care about is building community among podcasters and helping you (the podcaster) improve your craft and impact listeners lives!

Podpros Software Solutions

Some of the applications/software they have created are the following:

  • Podmatch - Uses A.I to match your podcast with ideal guests or hosts for high quality interviews.
  • PodcastSOP - A simple and easy to use software that helps you keep your podcast episodes organized
  • Podlottery - An app that is currently available only on apple where you can participate in a raffle to earn integrity based listens and reviews for your podcast!

Alex Sanfillippo — Founder Interview:

Podcast SOP is part of the PodPro's family of platforms from serial podcasting entrepreneur Alex Sanfilippo.

  • Click here for our recent interview with Alex.
  • To see all of Alex Sanfilippo’s “Podcasting Pros” platforms we feature on the Podcasting Resources guide, click here.

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Our Take And Observations
PodcastPros truly strive to make podcasting and podcasters have a better time creating their content. This reflects on all of their created software, which are simple and easy to use and significantly reduces your work.
Very friendly and inclusive community

Provides free webinars and courses

The applications they provide make podcasting much easier

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