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Win Apple Reviews For Your Podcast From Other Podcasters

The team at PodPros.com created PodLottery to help hosts do two things; First, to get more listens/reviews on their shows, which they aren't getting right now. And having more reviews helps the show stand out more. Second, to find and get to meet other great podcasters. Their research found that podcasters love to meet after listening to each other's shows, so we wanted to help that discovery process! And lastly, PodLottery is designed to be fun for podcasters! :)

Podlottery is an app that is currently available only on apple where you can participate in a raffle to earn integrity based listens and reviews for your podcast!

Podlottery is also absolutely free to use. Their FAQs states that

"PodLottery is 100% free and always will be. It's a fun way for podcasters to get more listens/reviews with no fees involved! Thankfully, PodLottery is fully paid for by revenues from PodMatch.com and PodcastSOP.com, so we don't have any pressure to make money with PodLottery! Enjoy!"

Here are the steps you need to take to use it.

  • Register your completely free account.
  • Listen/Review shows to earn more "picks"
  • Use your "picks" to select numbers for the lottery.
  • Check daily to see if your numbers are the winning numbers.
  • When your numbers win, you earn reviews for your podcast!
  • Repeat steps 2-4 every day for more chances to win.

About the Founder of Podlottery

Podlottery is a tool designed by Alex Sanfillipo, who is somewhat of a serial podcast-preneur. He is the CEO and founder of PodPros, a software company focused specifically on the podcasting industry. He is also a podcast host of the top-rated podcast called Podcasting Made Simple and a lead educator, and presents at various podcasting conferences.

Alex Sanfillippo — Founder Interview:

PodMatch is part of the Podcasting Pro's family of platforms from serial podcasting entrepreneur Alex Sanfilippo.

  • Click here for our recent interview with Alex.
  • To see all of Alex Sanfilippo’s “Podcasting Pros” platforms we feature on the Podcasting Resources guide, click here.




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Our Take And Observations
Podlottery is a great way to earn new reviews ethically, and to discover new podcasters and at the same time have some fun in the process!

I love the fact that so much innovation in the podcasting space is taking place, and Alex is one of the innovators, who truly listens to the needs of so many podcasters out there, and then comes up with creative solutions to help them progress.

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