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Podcast studio Pro
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PodcastStudio Pro

PodcastStudio Pro is a web-based app that helps plan and organize your podcasts. PodcastStudio Pro is a web-based application that provides customizable templates based on successful podcast formats to help you plan and organize your podcasts. It is also free.

To begin creating your podcast, simply add your podcast information, including cover art and season/episode numbers. Then, select a template, customize it, and plan as many episodes as you want. With real-time show notes created automatically, you can focus on production without worrying about post-production details. Plus, the integrated calendar ensures you never miss important deadlines, interviews, or dates.

The app also allows users to plan and schedule as many episodes as they want using a non-destructive note card system, and it automatically generates real-time show notes in various formats, such as Word, TXT, PDF, or HTML. Overall, Podcast Studio Pro is designed to help podcasters create high-quality content and reach their audience with ease.

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PodcastStudio Pro is the only free, web-based app that helps you plan and organize your podcasts with customizable templates based on the most successful podcast formats.

It is designed by the team that created WritersRoom Pro®, the television and film development system that’s being used at every studio, broadcaster, and network in Hollywood.

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Customizable templates based on successful podcast formats help to plan and organize episodes quickly and efficiently.

The non-destructive note card system makes it easy to plan and schedule as many episodes as needed.

Automatic generation of show notes in various formats saves time and ensures consistency.

Integrated calendar helps to keep track of important deadlines, interviews, and other events.
As a web-based app, it requires a stable internet connection to use, which may be an issue for some users.

While the templates are customizable, they may not meet the specific needs of all users.

The app may have a learning curve for users who are new to podcast production or planning.

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