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Podcasting – The Little Book of Podcasting: 7 Simple Steps to Starting a Successful Podcast

This is a great book for those looking to get timeless information on how to grow their show. The strategies, tips, and techniques outlined won't go out of date in this fast-moving industry. This little book simplifies that process and silences the overwhelming information out there.

Podcasting - The Little Book of Podcasting: 7 Simple Steps to Starting a Successful Podcast

Podcasting is more popular than ever. The medium embodies everything from entertainment to education and all things in between. Not much compares to the freedom you experience while podcasting. Hosts of shows can literally reach and connect with millions of listeners. It’s an amazing space to get involved with and the opportunities are endless. 

Starting a podcast, however, can suddenly feel pretty mysterious and overwhelming. There are so many technical aspects involved from hosting (huh?) to distributing on different directories like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more. It can quickly get intimidating without guidance. Making even small mistakes can get frustrating and prevent you from reaching your goals.

This book will lead you through the entire process of creating a successful show in 7 simple steps. No more endless Google or YouTube searches filled with conflicting information. Just straight to the point, and timeless guidance assisting you to create something you are proud of.

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03/09/2024 10:55 am GMT

In "The Little Book of Podcasting", Jerry gives you practical ideas and strategies to:

  • Define and target the ideal audience for your show.
  • Create niche content to help position you as an expert and influencer.
  • Stick out in the crowded ocean of podcasts.
  • Provide value to your audience and help solve the problems they care about.
  • Utilize the branding secrets all successful businesses use to be the number 1 podcast in your chosen categories.
  • Plan, script, and organize a show that has your subscribers tuning in to your content daily. (No matter if you solo-host, run interviews, or co-host episodes.)
  • Produce studio-quality audio your audience will value.
  • Make sure your show is found in all the right places. (We all know about Apple Podcasts and Spotify, but there are plenty more places with eager new listeners.)
  • Launch your podcast for long term success. (More than 12 proven-to-work launching and growing techniques.)
  • Monetize your show without selling out your audience.
  • Create a stable side income or job replacing income with your show.

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Our Take And Observations
As stated in its title, this book takes the word "little" seriously. Its minimalist approach on the step by step process in starting a podcast makes it so that the book is easy to pick up and get back into. Along with the seven steps in starting a podcast it also contains a bonus chapter where it briefly discusses podcast growth and monetization.

Podcasting – The Little Book of Podcasting: 7 Simple Steps to Starting a Successful Podcast 0 reviews

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