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Podcast Topic Ideas by PodSqueeze

PodSqueeze, led by Tiago and his dedicated team, offers an intriguing tool for podcasters called "Podcast Topic Ideas." This utility is designed to enhance a podcast's SEO, discoverability, and overall growth. It provides podcasters with actionable insights into what their audience is searching for across platforms like Google and YouTube, making it easier to tailor content that resonates and attracts a larger listener base.


  • Topic Suggestion Engine: Generates relevant topics based on your niche.
  • Search Demand Checking: Displays search volume for topics on Google.
  • Competitiveness Analysis: Measures how many others are discussing these topics.
  • Performance Estimation: Provides potential click and view estimates.
  • YouTube Analysis: Offers insights for both Google search podcast platforms and YouTube.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive, no extensive setup required.

How Podcasters Benefit From Using This

Podcast Topic Ideas by PodSqueeze is a tool that every podcaster looking to grow their audience should consider. Here's why:

  • Enhances episode content planning with data-driven topic suggestions.
  • Increases podcast discoverability by aligning content with listener search trends.
  • Supports podcast SEO strategies by providing keyword-focused topic ideas.
  • Helps predict episode performance on platforms like Google and YouTube.
  • Facilitates strategic content creation that appeals to both new and existing subscribers.

Our Take And Observations

Tiago and the team at PodSqueeze have released another useful utility. While we've reached out to them for more clarity on the sources of their data and the methodologies behind their click estimates, the potential of this tool is undeniable. I wish this was a stand-alone tool, available for a small subscription fee without having to sign up for the whole PodSqueeze platform.

More Information

Free and Accessible: No signup or email required.
Dual Platform Insights: Offers specific metrics for Google and YouTube.
Enhances Podcast SEO: Focuses on keywords and search trends.
Innovative Tool: Aides in strategic episode planning.
User-Friendly: Easy to navigate and use.
Data-Driven Decisions: Helps in making informed content choices.
Beta Feel: May seem unpolished as it's possibly in an experimental stage.
Unclear Data Sources: Origins of data and methodology need clarification.
Limited Features: As a free tool, the functionalities are basic, and for more then 3 searches you have to sign up to the entire Podsqueeze platform.

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