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Podcast SOP
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Podcast SOP

Podcast SOP is a simple and easy to use software that helps you keep your podcast episodes organized by giving you a platform where you can keep your podcast standard operating procedures and make sure that they are implemented in every episode.

Basically, it lets you create a checklist on things you have to do during a podcast as a host or guest. The main advantage of this tool is that you can see templates of checklists the people at Podcast SOP or the people that use them and use it for yourself.

What does Podcast SOP do?

Here are the features and benefits according to their site:

  • Keeps Track Of Your Upcoming Episode Releases.
  • Lists Out The Tasks / Requirements Associated With Individual Episode Releases.
  • Organize Content Using A Checklist To Stay On Top Of What Has Been Completed And What Still Needs To Happen Before/After An Episode Is Released.
  • Chat Back-and-Forth With Team Members To Ensure Everything Is On Schedule For Upcoming Episode Releases.

Our Take on Podcast SOP

I once thought that podcasting might be an easy way to create content. But then quickly realized that inviting guests, recording interviews, processing audio, producing and then promoting a podcast has many many steps. Not only that. But as an agency we also realized that every client had slightly different needs and required a special set up. There is no "one size fits all" approach to podcast production.

This is what I appreciate about the solution that PodMatch founder Alex Sanfilippo has created: It allows any podcaster to customize a step by step guide for their entire workflow. And we all know that consistency pays off.

So if you are a podcaster who collaborates with others or has a VA, or simply wants to remember and follow all the many steps in producing and promoting their show, this is an ideal solution.

Alex Sanfillippo — Founder Interview:

Podcast SOP is part of the PodPro's family of platforms from serial podcasting entrepreneur Alex Sanfilippo.

  • Click here for our recent interview with Alex.
  • To see all of Alex Sanfilippo’s “Podcasting Pros” platforms we feature on the Podcasting Resources guide, click here.

More Information

Clearly better than using an excel file or notebook
Much simpler to set up and use than Trello or Click-Up
Not many: Has a (modest) fee after a free month of use

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