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Podcast Guru

Podcast Guru

Podcast Guru is the simple and free podcast player. It is available both on android and IOS, features no banner ads, has a large amount of available podcasts for you to listen and hosts free features that other players would charge you money for. Examples of these free features are the sleep timer and the variable speed playback.

What separates Podcast Guru from other players?

The thing I like most about this player is that it has its own web app, although it is still in beta and doesn't have all the features the mobile app has. Being banner ad free makes the app look extremely clean and seamless it also takes care of my frustration in seeing ads that do not match the aesthetics of an application.

So why use Podcast Guru?

It is completely free, gives you a ton of free features and is constantly updating to give you a better podcast listening experience. It is also available for every device being usable in Android, IOS and having a web app.

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Completely Free

Banner Ad Free

Has free features that other podcast players make you pay for.
Search function seems to be lack some useful features

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