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Helps you get sponsorships for your podcast
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Your Podcast Pitch, Sorted.

OneFinePlay is a toolbox of growth products for podcast creators.

The creators of OneFinePlay take their learnings and the knowledge from producing and seeking sponsorship from large companies and making it available to everyone.

Make a pitch deck for your podcast which can be used to get sponsorships. Log in, enter your RSS feed and it pulls the information available to create a pitch deck where you can edit it again to fit your taste.

Build your sponsorship pitch in minutes with their templates, a online place to keep your pitch which is up to date with your latest content, and an on-page contact form make it easy for you to pick up leads and close deals faster.

Included in your sponsorship pitch is:

  • Overview - Summary and Highlights of your podcast
  • Team - The people who make up your team
  • Guests - Guests that have been
  • Reviews - Your latest reviews appear on your pitch
  • Episodes - Your latest podcast episodes
  • Audience - A description of your listeners
  • What's next - Details of your future plans for your podcast
  • Sponsorship - Details of your sponsorship fees

OneFinePlay also includes features such as a calculator to help you decide what your sponsorship fees should be and access to expert help.

try it now during the beta program and get features that would be available to you forever.

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