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Nomono created a self-contained recording kit for capturing interviews which is completely wireless from microphone to cloud.

Nomono is a Norwegian company that creates tools for audio podcasters and journalists to record high-quality stories. Unlike traditional podcasting equipment that includes separate equipment as well as multiple software, they offer an all-in-one solution.

For example, the Sound Capsule records audio and automatically uploads it to a secure cloud platform that includes AI-powered signal processing tools. With this platform, content creators can organize their material in one place, receive comments, feedback, and approvals for an audio timeline, and reduce post-production time and costs with its one-button dialogue enhancement and noise-reduction features.

The Nomono Audio Recording Gear

The Nomono Sound Capsule is a simple, one-button field recording device that can capture the voices of up to four individuals and ambient sound without the need for cords or a complex setup. Nomono designs the Sound Capsule to accommodate podcasters and journalists frequently recording conversations in various locations. The device features wireless microphones that can capture high-quality, uncompressed audio files and send them to the recorder asynchronously, eliminating the need for cables and the risk of interference. The Nomono Sound Capsule comes with a durable carrying case and built-in rapid charger. Users need only press one button to begin recording, with no need to adjust settings or format memory cards. Audio files can be easily uploaded to the Nomono Web App, a cloud-based collaboration tool that uses AI to process signals.

Nomono gear


Nemono Sound Capsule

The Nomono Sound Capsule is a high-quality audio recording system that contains four wireless microphones and an omnidirectional ambisonic microphone array in a big black teapot-shaped structure. It can record up to 44 minutes of lossless audio by itself if it loses connection with the "space recorder" that also serves as a base station. The device is designed to capture the sound of the room, aiding in noise reduction and enhancement technology used by the cloud-based system.

It is straightforward to set up, and users can begin recording by hitting the red button. The device is easy to operate and doesn't require any technical help. The cloud editor enhances audio quality by reducing echo and noise and correcting audio levels. The final output is a mixed-down file that can be exported as a multitrack file or individual WAV files for each microphone.

Take a look at Podnews article about the nemono sound capsule here

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Easy to use

Portable and compact "studio in a box" so you can record anywhere

AI Powered audio processing so recorded audio is automatically made better

Seems like super high quality gear
Super high quality = expensive. Perhaps targeted to the enterprise more than indie podcasters.

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  • Juergen Berkessel

    This entire platform integrates AI and hardware in an interesting way. The cloud and AI portions of their offering focuses on audio processing and podcast collaboration.

    But the hardware is interesting and points to a trend in the way AI can help simplify a recording setup: A few years ago I was hired to travel to record podcast episodes for a large corporation during a conference. I traveled there with about 75 lbs of gear. High quality mics, a Rodecaster Pro mixing console, boom arms for each speaker etc. I think we are approaching a time when we will no longer need all that gear.

    The AI algorithms that identify background noise and can make a clip on condenser mic sound great are improving at a rapid rate.

    Ultimately I feel this tool is directed at the enterprise or mid-sized business podcasters, and difficult to afford for indie podcasters. It is expensive, which is why I am giving it 4 stars…

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