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How Deciphr Can Boost Your Podcast SEO and Engagement

Deciphr is a fresh face in the world of AI, positioning itself as a comprehensive content creation platform. It caters to a wide audience, from podcasters and influencers to educators, marketers, and B2B and B2C brands. The platform's ambitions are robust, but there's a question of whether it's spreading itself too thinly across wide-ranging user groups.

For podcasters in particular, Deciphr has an array of features that promise to revolutionize your podcasting workflow. It can generate show notes, create instant audiograms, and convert audio to text using its transcription tool.

However, our experience with Deciphr hasn't been without its bumps. It worked well for longer format shows, but for shorter podcasts like ours, the results were less satisfying. We also had some issues with customer service, which left us waiting for responses to our queries.

How Podcasters Benefit From Using This:

Podcasting can be a complex process, but Deciphr seeks to simplify it with a range of tools and features. Here are some areas where podcasters can benefit:

  • Show notes generation: Deciphr can help you create detailed, concise show notes, saving you time and effort.
  • Instant audiograms: Promote your podcast on social media with eye-catching audiograms generated by Deciphr.
  • Audio to text transcription: Transcribe your podcast episodes into text for easier editing and better podcast SEO.


Deciphr comes with a host of features designed to aid content creation:

  • Show notes generator
  • Instant audiogram creator
  • Audio to text transcription tool
  • Content calendar for podcast management
  • Social media scheduling for podcast promotion
  • Analytics for podcast analysis

Our Take and Observations

Deciphr is a promising new player in the AI space, offering a suite of tools that could transform podcasting workflows. Its ambitious goal to cater to a broad audience is admirable, but it leaves us questioning whether it can deliver value to such diverse groups.

Its podcast-specific features like generating show notes, crafting instant audiograms, and converting audio to text with its transcription tool are vibrant and enticing. However, its performance was less satisfactory for shorter podcasts. The customer service experience was also a letdown, with no responses to our queries.

More Information

Multi-faceted approach to podcasting needs
Clean, user-friendly interface
Efficient show notes generator
Instant audiogram creator for social media promotion
Audio to text transcription for better podcast SEO
Lacks a global search and replace feature
Uses generic terms like "The Speaker" instead of actual names
Lackluster customer service

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