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GuestLab: Streamlining Guest Preparation for Quality Podcast Episodes

How Podcasters Benefit From Using GuestLab

Podcasters are always on the lookout for tools that can streamline their workflow and enhance the quality of their content. GuestLab emerges as a valuable asset for podcast hosts aiming to conduct in-depth and engaging interviews. With its AI-driven capabilities, GuestLab simplifies the pre-interview research process and helps podcasters prepare thoroughly for their episodes.


  • Research and Content Generation: Leverages AI to analyze a guest's LinkedIn profile, generating personalized introductions, topics, and questions.
  • Ease of Use: Offers a user-friendly interface, with a quick setup process that translates hours of manual research into seconds.
  • Customization and Expansion: Paid plans provide more tailored AI prompts and LinkedIn activity insights, with promised future features like YouTube integration, PDF downloads, and a Chrome Extension.
  • Support and Resources: Various levels of support are available, from email support in the free plan to 24/7/365 support and instant lighting support in paid plans.
  • Accessibility and Onboarding: A free plan allows users to test the platform, ensuring it meets their podcasting needs without upfront investment.


Our Take And Observations

GuestLab is a groundbreaking tool for podcasters, event organizers, and interviewers looking to enrich their content with minimal research effort. The AI-driven platform impressively navigates the intricacies of LinkedIn profiles, delivering well-structured introductions, engaging topics, and thought-provoking questions. Our personal experience with GuestLab was positive; it provided valuable guest information swiftly and effectively, outperforming our own attempts at a similar solution.

While we find the pricing a bit ambitious for the current scope of features, the time savings and quality of content generated could justify the investment for serious podcasters focused on delivering top-notch episodes. GuestLab's promise to include additional sources and tools in the future only adds to its potential as a staple in the podcasting toolkit.

Pricing Info

As of this writing, GuestLab offers three pricing tiers:

  • Forever Free Plan ($0): Includes basic features to research one guest per month.
  • Individual Plan ($19.99/month): Expands research capabilities to 10 guests per month with additional features. (Note: Price set to increase to $50/month in early 2024).
  • Podcast Agencies Plan: Custom pricing for unlimited projects with tailored features and support.

The pricing might be on the higher side, especially for the Individual Plan considering the number of guest profiles included. A more generous pricing model could potentially accelerate GuestLab's growth during its startup phase.

More Information

Simplifies guest research by requiring only a LinkedIn profile.
Offers customization in paid plans, enhancing content relevance.
Saves significant time by quickly generating guest information.
Free plan available for testing the platform's core features.
Promises future expansion with YouTube sourcing, PDF downloads, and a browser extension.
Varied support levels cater to different user needs and plan tiers.
Free plan has limited customization and excludes several advanced features.
Anticipated features are not yet available, which may delay the full potential of the tool.
Current pricing may be considered high, especially given the upcoming price increase.

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