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Fathom is a podcast listening platform that makes podcasts searchable like text. Ideas you can think of when searched will take you to moments in podcasts where they discuss the idea.

Fathom Features

Transcripts: Fathom starts by creating transcripts of episodes that users are following. These transcripts are used to provide users with access to captions, readable transcripts, and a search feature that allows users to find answers to their questions. The interesting part to me is that this happens only after users "follow" a podcast in the app, I am guessing to CPU manage resources.

A.I. Highlights: Fathom uses an A.I. Highlight Feature to grow a podcast's audience by playing previews of episodes to listeners who are unfamiliar with the podcast as well as to listeners who already enjoy it. The idea is that by playing short clips that highlight the most interesting and profound moments of the podcast, it will increase the likelihood that listeners will tune in and listen to the full episode.

Chapters: Fathom also uses A.I. technology to create relevant chapters and titles for the episodes. They state that the technology is able to understand and parse the content and topics within the podcast and create chapters and titles accordingly.

Recommendations: A recommendation engine understands the content of your podcasts. As a result, your podcast is being recommended to the people who are interested in the things you’re talking about.

A.I. Search: When listeners ask questions, Fathom will find answers from inside podcast episodes.

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More Information

Our Take And Observations
I am particularly interested in the chapter feature, because I consider this the most valuable feature. It implies overcoming several challenges for an A.I. The content of a podcast episode must not only be understood, but separated into themes, each with a chapter sub-heading.

For us, the quality of this process has been low in most A.I. solutions we've observed so far. But the importance is huge, since auto-generating great summary show notes would save podcasters huge amounts of time.
Fathom's user interface is simple and easy to navigate, making it easy to find and listen to podcasts.

Fathom allows users to search for podcasts by keyword, genre, and other criteria, making it easy to discover new content.

Fathom has a sleep timer feature that allows users to set a timer for how long they want to listen to a podcast before it
automatically stops playing.
Fathom can be used to listen to podcasts offline, allowing users to save on data usage.
Fathom allows users to easily control the playback speed to suit their preference.
Only available in IOS
Fathom may not be as feature-rich as other podcast players, so it may not have all the features that some users are looking for.

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