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Eleven Labs

Eleven Labs Voice Library: A Gold Mine for Podcasters Seeking Versatility in Voiceovers

Podcasters looking to add a unique touch to their in-house promo ads or other audio content, rejoice! The Eleven Labs Voice Library is here to level up your podcasting audio ads game with its wide array of synthetic voices. This platform is designed to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, making it an exciting addition to your podcasting kit.

How Podcasters Benefit From Using Eleven Labs

The Eleven Labs Voice Library opens up a whole new world of possibilities for podcasting. It allows you to:

  • Spice up your episodes with a variety of AI voices
  • Fresh intros, outros or cold opens
  • Customize voices to match the tone and style of your podcast
  • Use diverse voices for different segments of your podcast
  • Promote audience engagement by using synthetic voices that resonate with your listeners
  • Benefit from multilingual voices for podcast episodes in different languages

Eleven Labs Voice Library Features

The Eleven Labs Voice Library comes packed with an impressive list of features to enhance your podcasting experience:

  • Voice Design Tool: This feature allows you to craft unique synthetic voices by customizing parameters like age, gender, and accent. It's like having your very own voiceover artist at your disposal.
  • Versatility: The platform offers a wide range of vocal styles for various applications, including podcasting.
  • Voice Filtering: This feature helps you find the most suitable options by sorting and filtering voices by gender, age, and accent.
  • Community Sharing: You can share your created voices with the community and discover voices shared by others.
  • Rewards System: The platform offers rewards every time your voice is used by another user. It's an opportunity to earn while podcasting!
  • Multilingual Support: The platform provides voices that can speak multiple languages, keeping primary speech characteristics consistent across all languages, including accents.
  • Free Commercial Use License: All voices found in the Voice Library come with a free commercial use license, making it a cost-effective choice for podcasters.

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Our Take And Observations
For us, the Eleven Labs Voice Library presents an excellent opportunity to start exploring the power of synthetic voices for podcasting. It's a fantastic tool for creating in-house promos and ads, a topic we covered in a recent episode of the podcasting resources guide. The platform's commitment to innovation and collaboration makes it a promising addition to any podcaster's toolset.
Extensive collection of high-quality AI voices
Voice customization options through the Voice Design tool
Rewards system to boost community participation and sharing
Free commercial use license for all voices
Multilingual support for podcasters targeting international audience
No background music option
Some features are not yet available

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