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Clipscribe lets you automatically transcribes and lets you place headers, images, logos and emojis to your videos with their editor tool. You simply upload your video then select a preset layout or create a layout of your own which you could then save as a template for future videos then edit your subtitles if necessary.

  • Automated Subtitle Creation - Upload your video and our system will automatically create your subtitles and insert them into our editor allowing you to easily edit them.
  • Multiple Preset Layouts - Select one of several preset layouts built around the most commonly used design configurations for your video size and your target platform.
  • Attention Grabbing Headlines - Add headlines and sublines to your design to draw attention to your video using the colors and fonts of your choice.
  • Add Logos, Emojis & Images - Add an unlimited number of images, logos or emojis to your video using our own emoji library or uploading your own.
  • Custom Countdown Creator - With the Countdown Creator create a custom animated countdown in one of three different styles using the colors, fonts and textures of your choice
  • Template & Copy Engine - Save your design as a template to use over and over or easily copy your design to a new layout with the click of a button
  • 17+ Languages - ClipScribe can transcribe and create subtitles for videos in over 17 languages and dialects.
  • Blog Exporter - Maximize the impact of your videos! Export your transcript in paragraph form for import into your blog or website.
  • SRT Import/Export - Import SRT subtitle files from other applications or export them from ClipScribe. 

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