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CleanVoice is a state-of-the-art tool designed to help you achieve crystal clear audio recordings. With its advanced noise reduction technology, CleanVoice removes unwanted background noise from your recordings, leaving you with clean and clear audio.

Features of CleanVoice:
  1. Noise Reduction: Uses advanced algorithms to remove unwanted background noise from your recordings. Whether it's the hum of an air conditioner or the sound of traffic outside, it is capable of removing these distractions, leaving you with pristine audio.
  2. Real-time monitoring: Provides real-time monitoring of your audio, allowing you to hear the difference as you make adjustments to the settings. This helps you to achieve the perfect balance of noise reduction and clarity.
  3. Customizable settings: Allows you to adjust the noise reduction settings to fit your specific needs. You can adjust the intensity of the noise reduction, the frequency range, and the attack and release times to achieve the perfect sound for your recording.
  4. Compatible with multiple platforms: It is compatible with a variety of recording software and platforms, making it a versatile tool for anyone who needs clean audio recordings. Whether you're recording a podcast, voiceover, or music, letting you achieve professional-quality results.
  5. User-friendly interface: features a simple and intuitive user interface, making it easy to use for both beginners and professionals. The controls are easy to navigate, and the real-time monitoring allows you to see the impact of your adjustments as you make them.
Why Use CleanVoice?

CleanVoice is great for anyone who needs clean and clear audio recordings. Whether you're a podcaster, voiceover artist, musician, or filmmaker, it can help you achieve professional-quality results.

With its advanced noise reduction technology, customizable settings, and user-friendly interface, CleanVoice is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their audio recordings.

Whether you're recording in a noisy environment or just want to ensure that your audio recordings are as clean and clear as possible, CleanVoice is the tool you need. Click here to visit their website.

Using Cleanvoice

First you need to choose between Single Track (Your audio file has all the speakers in 1 file) or Multitrack (Speakers have different audio files). Make sure that all of your speaker's audio files are the exact same duration to avoid syncing problems.

Cleanvoice Tracks

You then select either clean everything or customize what you want the tool to clean.

Cleanvoice optionscustom cleanvoice

Upload your files.

Upload Cleanvoice

Wait for a bit for cleanvoice to process your files then it will be ready for download.

Download cleanvoice


As seen from the above image, Cleanvoice actually cleaned up our audio pretty well. There were some small changes we still had to make but they were rather small plus it saved a ton of time in editing! Overall, CleanVoice is a useful tool for anyone who needs to clean up audio recordings quickly and easily. While there are some limitations to the service, it offers a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for basic audio editing needs.

More Information

Improved audio quality: CleanVoice uses advanced algorithms to remove background noise and other unwanted sounds from audio recordings, resulting in clearer and more natural-sounding audio.
Easy to use: CleanVoice is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple interface that allows users to quickly clean up audio recordings without requiring technical expertise.
Saves time: Cleaning up audio recordings manually can be a time-consuming process, but CleanVoice automates much of the work, allowing users to quickly and easily clean up audio recordings.
Tool needs internet access, so it may not be readily available for the user if they dont have internet.
Limited functionality: CleanVoice is primarily designed for removing background noise and other unwanted sounds from audio recordings, so it may not be the best choice for users who need more advanced audio editing features.
Processing time: Depending on the length and complexity of the audio recording, CleanVoice may take some time to process the audio and produce the cleaned-up version.

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