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Caspian Studios
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Caspian Studios

Caspian studios helps you create a podcast from inception, production to marketing it to your target audience, they will guide you all the way. They will help you create a podcast from scratch, from its brand design, podcast cover and artwork Caspian studios has you covered.

Once your podcast has been planned, they will also handle the production. They will manage interviewing, scripting, writing, booking, scheduling, audio design and post production. Booking guests and creating multi use content such as articles, show notes, emails, social videos and newsletters will also be covered. The created podcast will have a dedicated producer, audio engineer, video engineer, editor, and executive producers. The Caspian production team researches, conducts the prep calls, and prepares the guests with questions ahead of time.

After everything is settled they still are not done. They will also help you grow your audience. They will help you determine your audience or help you target specific audiences you want. Run paid campaigns for every episode using a variety of channels. Manage paid and organic growth marketing to target and build a targeted audience from day 1. They also publish and syndicate to all podcast players and websites.

Their plans are very flexible and will adjust accordingly to your needs. Want someone you know to be a host of your podcast? They will provide coaching for said person if you need it. If you dont need some of their services they can remove it from your plan.

Reach out to them here. Provide them your information and goals and Caspian Studios will reach out to you.

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Gives you full service from start to finish

Flexible plans
Maybe Expensive if you decide to go with all of their services

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