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Capsho AI tool for podcasters


In under 10 min, Capsho claims to create ALL your podcast marketing - title, description, show notes, blog post, social media captions - using just your audio file. Capsho is an AI copywriting software for podcasters. It aims to save time and energy because it will automatically create content for you based on the file you uploaded

All you need to do is upload your audio file and Capsho will create the following

  • Episode Title
  • Episode Description
  • Shownotes
  • Blog Post
  • Promotional Email
  • Social Media Captions
  • Linkedin Article
  • Youtube Description
  • Transcript

Free Trial — Then Capsho Offers Three Plans

Try it for free, no credit card required. After the free trial, there are several plans available.

1. Starter Plan

For Podcast hosts who want to passively grow their podcast with more efficient and effective publishing. Get access to:

  • Episode Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Show Notes
  • Transcript

2. Growth Plan

For Podcast hosts who want to grow their podcast by using social media and email marketing more efficiently and effectively. Get access to:

Everything in the Starter Plan, plus:

  • Facebook / Instagram Promotional & Engagement Captions
  • LinkedIn Promotional & Engagement Posts
  • Twitter Promotional & Engagement Tweets
  • TikTok Promotional & Engagement Captions
  • Promotional & Engagement Emails

3. Pro Plan

For Podcast hosts who want to accelerate their podcast growth using all Content Dripping across all platforms. Get access to:

Everything in the Growth Plan, plus:

  • Blog Post
  • LinkedIn Article
  • Quotes curated from the episode
  • YouTube Description
  • Transcript
  • Monthly Live Podcast Growth Masterclass with a leading podcast expert

Pricing information on these plans can be found here.

Capsho Also Features

  • Episode Trimmer - before you begin the process of uploading the audio it will ask if you want to exclude a particular portion of the episode's beginning. This allows Capsho to ignore any general show intros, pre-roll audio that may not be relevant for the specific episode copy. It will still transcribe fully, just not be included in the copy created.
  • Topic Chooser - during the upload process you will now have more control to pick a topic direction for the episode. At the blog post stage you have further ability to narrow down the topic you wish the blog to focus on.
  • Social media captions - these have had some general updates and we've added additional Engagement & Educational captions to the existing promotional ones. These no longer need to be refreshed and display 3 options for each caption style
  • Email - we've added an engagement email to the existing promotional one

More Information

Our Take And Observations
Still has a lot of opportunities for additional features and improvement. When it comes to pricing, the arrival of the currently free ChatGPT has disrupted the A.I. industry. So look for pricing of these sorts of tools to adjust to market needs over time.
Actively being developed. We are still evaluating the output content quality compared to other A.I. copywriting tools.

Concept has great potential

Time saver for the right podcast type

Reasonably priced starter plan

No global "search and replace" feature to replace misspelled host or guest names.

Pro plan contains features we feel many podcasters will want, but may not be able to afford.

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