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Business Wise

Business Wise is a curated database of business podcasts. It is available on the web and also as a mobile app. The value proposition is that subscribers can discover and follow expert-curated podcast shows in topics such as technology, entrepreneurship, finance & investing, creative industries, personal development, society & diversity, and workplace skills.

Unlock your potential and advance your career with Businesswise, the ultimate business podcast app. With over 1000 popular business-focused podcasts to choose from, you can develop your professional skills, stay up-to-date with the latest trends and ideas in your field, and get inspiration from the world's smartest people.

Businesswise offers expert-curated podcast shows in over 70 different topics, including technology, entrepreneurship, finance and investing, creative industries, personal development, society and diversity, and workplace skills. With new episodes added each week, you'll always have fresh content to listen to.

Get personalized recommendations and expert-curated lists based on your professional interests. Browse tech-related topics like ecommerce, esports, software engineering, blockchain, and fintech, or follow industry-focused topics like real estate, healthcare, banking and finance, small business, consulting, and health and wellness. You can also find investment-related topics like venture capital, stock market, crypto investing, and personal finance.

Stay on top of the latest trends and ideas by following trending business people and companies, including Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Tesla, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and more. Create a personal library to save your favorite episodes and shows for later.

Keep your teams knowledge up to date with Businesswise's podcast recommendations. If that isnt enough, you can create your own podcasts, tutorials or training with their app.

  • Smart Discovery - Each member of the team or network has their own personal recommendations to their feed.
  • Editorial content and search - search for relevant content or curated playlists for you or your team
  • Brand Dashboard - Share podcast shows, playlists, and insights with your team. Your enterprise dashboard helps you to make data-driven decisions.
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With Businesswise you'll have access to:

  • Search in 1,000+ business-related podcast shows and 20,000+ episodes
  • Discover 70+ business-related topics to create your personalized experience
  • Curated lists & selections from the Businesswise editors and industry experts
  • Share curated lists, podcast shows, and episodes with your network
  • Create your library, save your favorite content to listen to later

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