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Agile Testing Of Content – Conjointly

Conjointly Market Test

Conjointly's market test service empowers businesses to collect feedback on a variety of content types, including designs, advertisements, packaging, logos, copy, and product ideas, by engaging real consumers for testing. The platform assists in pinpointing winning ideas and refining marketing assets based on input from 100 real consumers. This service streamlines content creation and gauges the performance of generated content against industry benchmarks. Conjointly strives to equip businesses with invaluable insights, allowing them to enhance their content before public release and boost their market presence.

How Can Podcasters Use This?

While Conjointly is primarily designed for survey research and marketing materials, it can still be utilized to improve various aspects of podcasting.

Here are some ways podcasters can use it:

  • Podcast Content Evaluation: Run market tests to gather feedback on podcast episode ideas, themes, or formats. This feedback can help you tailor your podcast to better resonate with your audience and discover what topics they find most engaging.
  • Branding and Promotion: Test your podcast's logo, cover art, tagline, and promotional materials using Conjointly's market test feature. By doing so, you can identify effective designs and messaging that attract and retain listeners.
  • Sponsorship and Advertisements: If your podcast includes sponsored content or advertising, you can use Conjointly to test different advertising approaches and messaging. The feedback received will help determine which ads resonate with your listeners while maintaining a positive listening experience.
  • Episode Title and Description: Craft compelling episode titles and descriptions using feedback from Conjointly's market tests. This will not only draw more listeners in but also improve searchability and discoverability in podcast directories.
  • Audience Insights: Run surveys to learn more about your existing listeners, including their demographics, preferences, and feedback on specific episodes. This will not only help you tailor future content but also establish a connection with your audience.
How Fast Is Conjointly?

With Conjointly, launching a market test takes only minutes and results are evaluated against performance benchmarks, making it an affordable and agile option for content development. The results are usually given within 2 hours. The Conjointly API also allows you to interact with the platform from any application, offering a seamless experience for both content creators and businesses alike. Be confident in your content with Conjointly's fast, reliable, and affordable market testing service.

Who Are The People Giving Feedback?

they use an industry standard sample of the US general population which includes.

  • 100 USA-based respondents,
  • An equal gender split,
  • Age quotas reflective of the general population.

Their other services/solutions uses 100+ million panellists across 150+ countries

Find more information about their service here

More Information

Efficient feedback gathering: Conjointly facilitates the collection of consumer feedback on various content types, providing valuable insights for improvement.
Real consumer insights: The platform tests content with actual consumers, ensuring realistic responses and an accurate reflection of market sentiments.
Fast results: Conjointly delivers results within two hours, making it a time-effective solution for businesses in need of quick feedback.
Performance evaluation: By comparing generated content against industry benchmarks, Conjointly helps businesses gauge their performance in a competitive landscape.
Integration with applications: The Conjointly API allows the platform to interact with other applications, providing a seamless experience across various digital tools.
Dependence on internet respondents: The platform relies on internet users as survey respondents, potentially excluding individuals without access to the internet.
Potential for narrow insights: If the AI-generated content has particular biases or blind spots, human input may not always be sufficient to address them fully, possibly leading to narrow insights.

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