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Podcast advertising is incredibly effective, but it’s a new and somewhat unique form of marketing. Very few people have the years of dedicated experience and know-how to advertise on podcasts as well as Adopter Media. Adopter Media is a dedicated podcast advertising agency. It was born out of the increasing need for education and expertise in this emerging medium.

They will help you find the best sponsors for your podcasts as well as provide expert services, SEO and audience targeting. They pride themselves in pairing companies with podcast hosts that can give them the exposure that they need.

Adopter Media will help you with the full process of podcast advertising from show/network selection, onboarding, collaborations, metrics and much much more.

The agency has secured major podcast advertising sales and sponsorships from dozens of companies such as

From the words of Glenn Rubenstein the owner of Adopter media

"I started selling podcast ads for TWiT (the world’s largest tech podcast network). Since then, I’ve worked with dozens of companies to plan and execute hundreds of successful campaigns and sponsorships."

On Why Podcast Advertising Works - "Well, in short, it’s really about connections. It’s about the connection that you have as a podcaster with your audience. What you’re doing is essentially opening up that connection to brands, businesses, and services that you believe in and sharing those with your audience. When done properly — in a really honest, straightforward, and transparent manner where they are labeled as sponsors — what you’re doing is creating a powerful recommendation and endorsement for these products and services that will resonate with your audience."

"Again, if you do that well, that’s going to be the most effective way for companies to advertise their products and services. They’re putting them in hands of people that are going to use them, have a personal experience, and give that endorsement — and in essence, becoming an ambassador for that brand."

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Adopter Media


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