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Adobe Podcast

Adobe Podcast (Beta)

Adobe Podcast is a new and exciting tool for podcasters that is currently in beta. Developed by Adobe, a well-known leader in design software, this platform offers a range of features to help podcasters streamline their workflow and enhance the production quality of their shows.

Adobe Podcast is a podcasting tool that is built on the Adobe Experience Cloud. It allows users to create and distribute their own podcasts. Some of the features of Adobe Podcast include:

  • Automatic transcription of episodes, making it easy to create subtitles and closed captions
  • Support for multi-track recording, allowing users to record multiple guests remotely and then mix the audio tracks together
  • Distribution through major podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts
The Uses of Adobe Podcast

Adobe Podcast is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud and requires a subscription to the Creative Cloud. It is designed for professional podcasters, media companies, and organizations that want to use podcasting as a way to reach and engage with audiences.

This tool will make podcast production easier in many ways. First of all it is on the web, meaning collaboration and edits and file storage will no longer require DropBox or connected storage accounts. But there are also a range of A.I. enabled features, which aim to address common podcast recording issues, for example remote guest recording, noise removal, voice optimization and being able to remove filler words easily

Adobe Podcast Features

Edit words, not waveforms — Powered by Adobe Premiere Pro’s speech-to-text technology, Adobe Podcast lets you easily edit audio using a transcript.

Remote recording — Recording with others is as easy as sharing a link. Everyone’s audio is recorded in high quality locally, then Adobe Podcast syncs it back together in the cloud automatically.

AI-powered audio — Enhance Speech increases clarity by removing background noise and sharpening your voice’s frequencies. It makes it sound as if everything was recorded in a professional studio.

Project Templates — Start with a template to make your workflow faster or create and share one to collaborate with others.

Get Mic Check'd — The Mic Check AI knows how a good mic setup should sound and tells you the steps to make sure yours is crystal clear.

How Podcasters Benefit From Using Adobe Podcast:

  • Streamlined Editing: With Adobe Podcast, you can edit your podcast episodes with ease using their Descript-like "Edit words, not waveforms" feature. This makes it a breeze to make changes to your podcast's content and ensure a smooth listening experience for your audience.
  • Remote Recording: The platform also offers SquadCast-like "Remote recording" capabilities, allowing you to conduct interviews and collaborative episodes with guests from anywhere in the world. This is especially beneficial for podcasters who want to expand their network and feature diverse voices on their show.
  • AI-Powered Audio: Adobe Podcast incorporates Auphonic-like "AI-powered audio" tools, enabling you to enhance the sound quality of your episodes. Through advanced algorithms, you can automatically optimize your audio levels, reduce background noise, and improve overall audio clarity.

Check out their video on this here

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Our Take And Observations
Adobe Podcast is an exciting new addition to the podcasting landscape from a trusted name like Adobe. While it is still in beta, the platform shows promise with its powerful editing tools, remote recording capabilities, and AI-powered audio enhancement features. We look forward to seeing how it evolves and integrates with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products.
This is one of Adobes tools that is user friendly and doesnt need significant experience to use effectively
Constantly being updated and will not be discontinued for a long time being an Adobe Program
Multiple Plugins are available and are still being developed for this which will cater to specific needs
Powerful Editing Tools: Adobe Podcast provides podcasters with robust editing capabilities, making it easy to refine and polish their episodes.
Remote Recording: The platform's remote recording feature allows for seamless collaboration with guests, no matter where they are located.
AI-Powered Audio Enhancement: With AI-powered tools, you can improve the quality of your podcast's audio without spending hours manually editing.
Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud: Adobe Podcast integrates with other Adobe Creative Cloud products, allowing for a seamless workflow if you are already using their software.
Still in Beta: As a beta version, Adobe Podcast may still have some bugs and limitations that need to be addressed.
Limited Availability: Since it is currently in beta, access to Adobe Podcast may be limited and not widely available to all podcasters.
Pricing: Pricing information for Adobe Podcast is not readily available, so it is unclear how it compares to other podcasting platforms in terms of cost.


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