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Accordion Innovation
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Accordion Innovation

Accordion Innovation is a technology that allows listeners to control the duration of audio content without sacrificing quality. The platform works by dynamically re-versioning the content to match the exact time the listener wants. The shorter versions still contain the key moments and essential parts of the audio, while the longer versions add more detail.

This technology maintains the original structure, tone, and listenability of the audio, making it a better alternative to speeding up or chapterization. The platform can be accessed via a slider bar, which offers a range of different durations to choose from. Accordion has been shown to increase listening figures by 25-40% compared to traditional listening methods.

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What is it?

Accordion is a new way of letting listeners take control of duration without speeding up. Accordion works by dynamically re-versioning content to the exact duration the user wants.

The shorter versions still have all the key moments and best bits (and still have a beginning, middle and end)... they just contain less detail. In the medium and longer versions (building back up to the original length) the detail gets added back in incrementally.

Crucially, at every length, a podcast (for example) will still sound like your podcast - the same structure, tone and listenability.

This is what we think makes Accordion so much better than speeding up or chapterization.

Why use it?

In podcasting, your listeners are adjusting the duration when they listen anyway. Some speed up, some just stop listening part the way through when life gets in the way. Some never click play in the first place because they know they don't have the time to get through the whole episode. There are too many podcasts and not enough time.

But speeding up sounds weird and stopping part the way through means people lose the thread / narrative / miss the best bits or the stuff you'll reference in future episodes. Accordion works in a different and better way.

On the latest series of the 'Planet Possible' podcast (which uses Accordion) we have noticed a 25-40% upward bump on listening figures for the Accordion version without any noticeable drop in traditional listening via the existing platforms, so Accordion is a way to grow your podcast.

Listeners who try Accordion love it. As one of our user testers put it:

"I have no idea how this is possible... but now I know that it is, I want it on every podcast please."


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Our Take And Observations
Accordion is a nice extension for users who would like a more personal experience to the podcasts they listen to. It is also very handy for people who dont have that much time and would like a shorter version of their favorite podcasts.
User control over duration: Listeners have the ability to choose the duration of the content to match their available time.

High-quality audio: The shorter versions still retain the key moments and essential parts of the audio, maintaining the original structure, tone, and listenability.

Easy to use: The platform can be accessed via a slider bar, which offers a range of different durations to choose from.
Integration options: Accordion can be integrated into a website or app by adding a slider bar widget or by having a dedicated page.
Limited to audio content: Accordion only works with audio content and is not applicable to other forms of media.

Loss of detail: The shorter versions of the content may contain less detail than the original version.

Technical requirements: Integrating Accordion into a website or app may require technical knowledge and resources.

Limited data: The effectiveness of Accordion may vary based on the type and quality of audio content.

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