Audio Ads Can Transform Your Podcast

In this episode, we delve into the world of in-house promos and how they can significantly elevate your podcast’s reach and engagement. We shed light on the advantages of dynamic audio insertion for in-house podcast ads, and introduce SpotOn, a new AI-powered tool that revolutionizes the way you create audio ads and in-house promos. Furthermore, we discuss our upcoming DIY solution, aiming to provide the benefits of audio ad promotions at a fraction of the cost.

In-House Audio Ad Promos: Elevating Your Podcast’s Reach and Engagement

We start with a detailed explanation of in-house promos and their potential to boost your podcast’s reach and engagement. In-house promos are promotional pieces incorporated into your podcast episodes, focusing on your own offerings rather than external products. They are an excellent tool to maximize your podcast’s potential, build your brand and provide more value to your listeners. They can be used to promote anything from upcoming episodes, your own products, events, or any other exciting news related to your podcast.

  • In-house promos can maximize podcast reach and potential
  • They play a key role in brand building and providing value to listeners
  • They can promote anything related to your podcast

Examples of How In-House Promos Can Help Your Show

In-house promos present numerous opportunities for podcasters. Whether it’s rolling out the red carpet for new seasons or special episodes, promoting new offerings, inviting listeners to events, or revealing exclusive discounts, in-house promos can create a buzz and build a sense of community and loyalty. Cross-promotion with other podcasters, introducing new segments in older episodes, and highlighting sponsor or subscriber rewards are other fantastic ways to leverage in-house promos.

  • In-house promos can build excitement for new seasons or special episodes
  • They can be used to promote new products, events, and exclusive discounts
  • Cross-promotion with other podcasters and introducing new segments in older episodes are other utilizations

Here Is a List of 10 Ideas:

  1. Announcing new seasons or special episodes.
  2. Promoting your own books or digital products.
  3. Promoting upcoming events, webinars, or live broadcasts.
  4. Advertising your own merchandise or branded items.
  5. Sharing exclusive offers or discounts for your services.
  6. Offering sneak peeks or exclusive content for paid memberships or subscriptions.
  7. Introducing new segments or recurring features in the show.
  8. Promoting a related podcast in your network or from your catalog.
  9. Highlighting patron or subscriber rewards and incentives.
  10. Announcing crowdfunding or fundraising drives.

Dynamic Audio Insertion for In House Podcast Ads

Dynamic audio insertion (DAI) is a game-changer for delivering in-house promos. DAI allows you to apply in-house promo ads to your entire back catalog of episodes, making older episodes relevant to your current content. This method of inserting ads allows for targeted ad campaigns and the interchangeability of ads over time without being permanently baked into the episode.

  • Dynamic audio insertion applies in-house promo ads to the entire back catalog of episodes
  • It makes older episodes relevant to current content
  • It allows for targeted ad campaigns and interchangeability of ads over time

SpotOn and DIY Solutions: AI-powered Tools For Audio Ads

SpotOn, an AI-powered tool developed by Futury Media, streamlines the creation of audio ads and in-house promos. It offers bespoke copy and voiceovers tailored to your specific needs and boasts a range of human-cloned and synthetic voices in multiple languages. The episode also touches upon our upcoming DIY solution that aims to provide the benefits of audio ad promotions at a fraction of the cost.

  • SpotOn streamlines the creation of audio ads and in-house promos
  • It offers bespoke copy and voiceovers tailored to your specific needs

Links and Resources

Our upcoming DIY solution aims to use ChatGPT to create audio ads that follow Spotify’s Audio Ads best practices. We developed this to provide the benefits of audio ad promotions at a fraction of the cost, since we then also use a text to speech platform to convert the scripts into actual ads set to music.

  • Click here to visit Spotify’s “Best Practices” training for audio ads
  • Click here for Spotify’s Audio Ad Help Center (Just use this to learn more, not needed for in house ads)
  • Click here to contact us and talk about access to our ChatGPT “Best Practices” prompt engineering and audio ad creation,

In-House Audio Ads Episode Summary & Transcript

In-house promos, dynamic audio insertion, and AI-powered tools like SpotOn can significantly elevate a podcast’s reach and engagement. They present an opportunity to maximize your podcast’s potential, build your brand, and provide more value to your listeners.

Welcome to the Podcasting Resources Guide podcast, where we explore the latest podcasting platforms, tools and techniques. In today's episode, we'll cover the concept and benefits of "In House Promos" and how they can engage listeners of older episodes. We'll also cover how in-house promos can be delivered using dynamic audio insertion, and introduce one AI-powered tool called "SpotOn" by Futuri Media that creates tailored audio ads with licensed music.

Today we're talking about in-house promos... Now, you might be wondering, what exactly are in-house promos? Well, let me break it down for you.

An in-house promo is a short, promotional piece that you incorporate into your own podcast episodes. Instead of promoting external products or services, these promos shine the spotlight on your own offerings. It could be anything from upcoming episodes, your own products, events, or any other exciting news or opportunities related to your podcast. In other words, in-house promos are a fantastic tool for maximizing your podcast's reach and potential, all while building your brand and providing more value to your listeners.

Now, let's step back for a moment and reconsider the way we approach audio advertisements. Traditionally, we view audio ads as simple vehicles for sponsorship messages or just a way to generate revenue. But what if I told you that audio ads can be so much more than that? Enter in-house promos.

In-house promos are like mini ad spots for yourself. Instead of placing ads for your podcast on other people's shows, why not feature your own ads in your own show? It's a brilliant idea, right?

Let's say you're launching a new podcast, or perhaps a new season of your current show. Maybe you're even hosting a virtual event or a webinar. Where better to promote these exciting ventures than within your own podcast? These in-house promotions, whether they're placed at the beginning, middle, or end of your episodes, can help generate interest and build momentum among your existing listeners who already know and love your content.

In essence, we're suggesting a shift in how we view podcast ads. They're not just about making money or promoting sponsors. They can be powerful tools for community building, self-promotion, and audience engagement. By elevating the preconceived role of audio ads, we can unlock greater reach, higher engagement, and ultimately create a richer podcasting experience for ourselves and our listeners.

And here's the best part: in-house audio promos are accessible to all podcasters, even those who don't yet have 20,000 or more downloads a month. (which is considered a minimum before monetizing your own podcast with ads becomes feasible...) Most modern podcast hosting platforms allow you to dynamically place them in your podcast, and across your back-catalog of older episodes. Whether you're just starting out or have a growing listener base, in-house promos present a real opportunity to harness the power of self-promotion and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

So, my fellow podcasters, let's take a moment to reimagine what audio ads can be. Let's embrace the potential of in-house promos as a way to not only monetize our podcasts but also to strengthen our brand, engage our listeners, and build a thriving podcast community.

In-house promos are the key to unlocking this potential. So, let's get creative, let's get strategic, and let's make the most of this underutilized concept. Your podcast deserves it, and your listeners will thank you for bringing them up to date.

So, let's dive into some concrete examples of how you can really benefit from using in-house promos.

Getting ready to roll out the red carpet for new seasons or special episodes? — By letting your listeners know what's about to hit their feeds, you can build excitement and anticipation through well-crafted promos.

Have you been burning the midnight oil working on a new book or crafting a digital product? Well, this is your prime opportunity to shine a spotlight on it within your own back catalog of episodes. Let your audience know all about it and create buzz.

And what about events, webinars, or live broadcasts? — Don't forget to use your in-house promos to invite your listeners in. Give them a sneak peek of what's coming up and encourage them to join in on the action.

Or — If you've launched your own merch or branded items, make sure to let your listeners know they can wear or use something that connects them deeper with your show. It's a great way to create a sense of community and loyalty.

Oh, and exclusive discounts or offers for your services? — They can be splendid surprises for your audience. Treat them with something special and show your appreciation for their support.

For those who are part of your paid memberships, why not offer them sneak peeks or exclusive content? — It's a fantastic way to reward their loyalty and give them something extra.

Want to renew subscriber interest? — Introduce new segments or recurring features in older episodes. Mix things up and keep your audience on their toes.

And don't forget to promote related partner podcasts in your network. We often overlook this, but cross-promotion with other podcasters can be a powerful tool to expand your reach and connect with new listeners.

Last but not least, highlight your sponsor or subscriber rewards and incentives. Show your gratitude and give credit where it's due. Your partners and loyal listeners will appreciate the recognition.

So, as you can see, the possibilities with in-house promos are truly endless. It's a powerful concept that can enhance your podcast in numerous ways. Start brainstorming and get creative with how you can leverage in-house promos to benefit both you and your listeners.

So, we've talked about the benefits of in-house promos, but now let's dive into how you can deliver these promos in the best possible way. And that's where "Dynamic Audio Insertion" comes in. With dynamic audio insertion, also known as DAI, you can apply in-house promo ads to your entire back catalog of episodes.

The great thing about DAI is that it brings even older episodes to life and makes them relevant to what you're doing now. You see, many podcasters get more than 50% of their listens from their back catalog. So, this is an opportunity to make those older episodes work harder and connect with your current content.

In the world of podcasting, "Dynamic Audio Ads" refers to a method of inserting ads where the ad content isn't part of the original audio file of the podcast episode. Instead, ads can be served up to different listeners, allowing for targeted ad campaigns. One of the key advantages is that ads can be interchanged or updated over time, without being permanently baked into the episode.

With Dynamic Ad Insertion, you no longer have to include all the content and ads together in one single file. Instead, you can easily mark the spots in your episode where the ads will fit best. This is where the software technology comes in, automating the process of buying and inserting ads. It's incredibly user-friendly and takes the hassle out of manually mixing ads into your episodes.

Now, while many podcast hosts, like Captivate fm, offer dynamic audio insertion, not many podcasters take advantage of this feature. And we think there are a few reasons for that. Firstly, writing great ad copy can often be a challenging task. Secondly, there are specific best practices to follow when it comes to audio ads. And finally, while these ads work best when set to a music background, mixing them can be time-consuming.

But don't worry, if you want to learn more about audio ads best practices and how to craft them effectively, Spotify offers some excellent resources that you can check out. We'll include the links in the show notes for your convenience. We've even pre-trained a ChatGPT model to incorporate these audio ad best practices and help produce effective in house promo scripts.

And now, let's talk about a platform we just added to the podcasting resources guide. It puts the entire process, including script creation, voice overs and background music... on autopilot.

So, we just added a new AI-powered tool that can streamline the way you create audio ads and in-house promos for your podcast. It's called SpotOn, and it's developed by Futuri Media, an innovation hub that's consistently pushing boundaries in the industry.

Now, if you're searching for an all-in-one tool that helps you craft captivating promo content for your podcast, then you definitely need to pay attention to SpotOn. This tool takes things up a notch by not only creating generic promotional materials but also offering bespoke copy and voiceovers perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

Imagine this: You have a language-learning podcast and you want to promote it using an upbeat, synthetic voice in Japanese. With SpotOn, you can do exactly that. Or perhaps you host a mindfulness show and you need a calming, human-like monotone for your promos. SpotOn has got you covered there too!

What really makes SpotOn stand out is its audio Swiss Army knife-like capabilities. It boasts a vast range of human-cloned and synthetic voices in multiple languages. This means that no matter what kind of podcast you have or what target audience you're aiming for, SpotOn has something just for you. It's this level of versatility that impresses us here at Polymash.

And SpotOn doesn't stop at voiceovers. It also offers a licensed music library, ensuring that you'll find the perfect tune to resonate with your listeners and add that extra zest to your promotion. After all, a catchy jingle can really make a difference.

Now, it's important to note that although SpotOn might not have been specifically designed for in-house promos for podcasters, it easily serves this purpose. Don't let that discourage you from giving it a try. It's a powerful tool that can help you create attractive in-house promos for your podcast, whether you're launching a new season, announcing an exciting guest, or promoting a special episode. SpotOn truly provides an end-to-end solution for all your promotional needs.

However, one thing that may deter some podcasters is not having the upfront cost information readily available on SpotOn's website.

Now, speaking of costs, we understand that budget constraints can be a real challenge for many podcasters. That's why, here at Polymash, we're excited to share that we're working on our own "Do It Yourself version" of an AI-powered audio ad solution. We've trained a custom ChatGPT model specifically for "audio ad best practices," and we've combined this with a text-to-speech platform to create eventual ads.

By doing this, we aim to provide the benefits of audio ad promotions at a fraction of the cost. We're genuinely excited about this project and we can't wait to share more details with you soon. If you're interested in learning more about how to leverage this DIY solution or gain access to our training model, simply visit podcastingresourcesguide.com and get in touch with us. We're here to help you take your podcast promotions to the next level.

So, there you have it! SpotOn and our upcoming DIY solution are two fantastic options for podcasters looking to create compelling audio ads and in-house promos. Whether you choose SpotOn with its versatile features or your own cost-effective DIY solution, you'll be well-equipped to engage your listeners and make your podcast stand out from the crowd.

Today we discussed the power of in-house promos in podcasting and the various benefits they offer. We also learned about dynamic audio insertion for targeted ad campaigns and a helpful AI-powered tool called SpotOn by Futuri Media. And if you want to get our GPT prompt engineering efforts to create audio ads using "best practices", get in touch at podcastingresourcesguide.com

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