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What follows is a list of all the platforms we at Polymash use to syndicate and market our own content. This is also the subject of the podcast syndication series of episodes on our Podcasting Strategy Show, where we explain how we promote our clients and grow their websites authority and visibility through content syndication.

StoryChief — Our Main Content Syndication Platform

Story Chief is our primary content syndication platform.

We manage all of our own content as well as client content on this platform, and syndicate our blog articles and podcasts to multiple sites as well as to all of our social media channels.

StoryChief - The Complete Marketing Solution

Create blog and social media campaigns with your all-in-one workspace for content creation and distribution. Create, share and manage your content across all your channels with StoryChief.

- Team Collaboration - Story chief lets you add team members for collaboration. This lets your team members take turns editing a piece of content. Leave comments for your team members to read for later where they will be alerted through story chiefs internal update notification system or via E-mail.

- Multi channel marketing - If you manage multiple websites and social media accounts, a single piece of content can be easily published to every one of those platforms with story chief. While creating content in StoryChief it also lets you add and edit pictures directly in the platform, which includes stock images for you to use, add videos and other media such as podcast players. After working on and publishing your content you can then promote it to your social media accounts with just a few tweaks.

- Content Calendar - Storychief lets you set dates on when and where you want to publish your content once its done. You can also reuse content you have created by rescheduling it.

- SEO - Manage the SEO of every piece of content you create. From Search engine result previews, meta descriptions and the alternative text for your images, StoryChief has everything you need for basic content SEO

- Analytics - Keep track of your content's performance with their built in analytics tool.

- App Integration - Storychief connects with more than 1000 apps which makes sure that your content reaches your audience.

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KW Finder – Keyword & SEO Suite by Mangools

SEO Research, and a suite to track search results rank and presence in the top 100. The best part of this tool is that it comes with a keyword research, tracking and other SEO tools and is affordable when compared with most SEO tools out there.

KWFinder is what we use to find keywords with low SEO difficulty and high search volume.

Headline Studio — Click Worthy Titles

For crafting exceptionally click worthy episode titles. Creating the perfect title can be a headache but with Headline studio this process becomes much easier.

We use their data backed suggestions about what catches people’s attention, and and title scoring system + guides to improve our own and client episode and story titles.

Headline Studio By Coschedule

Headline studio gives you data-backed suggestions and a roadmap for improving headlines or episode titles you initially think of.

It offers suggestions for effective words your title should include, and provides a headline score based on CoSchedules criteria on what makes a good title.

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Frase — A Content Briefs & Content Grading System

For content briefs and grading. Frase “Content Briefs” suggest how to cover a topic in a way that is likely to appear near the top of the search results. The built in “Content Grading” tool evaluates your draft show notes or blog articles against these briefs for instant feedback and suggestions.

  • We are incorporating the regular use of “Frase” as a content planning and content grading tool in all our podcasting processes.
  • Take a look at our case study on podcast website traffic where we successfully increased traffic by 351% using a content grading tool (we used one called Topic) here
  • Topic, our former content grading tool, was recently acquired by another company, so we now recommend Frase as the best tool for this
Frase - Best SEO Content Optimization Tool & AI Writer

Frase helps you research, write, and optimize content that ranks 1st on Google – in minutes instead of hours.

Frase includes both AI content writing, as well as the content brief and content grading tools critical for ranking on the top of the search engine result pages.

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Jasper — AI Copywriting Tool

For crafting compelling article summaries and show notes intros.

Our clients are using this for crafting episode teaser copy and Apple podcast descriptions.

  • It has a wide range of uses in many other forms of marketing contexts, using their built in copywriting formulas.
Jarvis – Your AI Writer

Jarvis is an Artificial Intelligence Copywriter software that helps you create content for your blog, social media, website with ease!

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For processing and cleaning up transcripts, a massive time saver

TextSoap - Automate Your Text Cleanup

Automatically remove unwanted characters, fix messed up carriage returns, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Save time & effort. Be more productive.

Stop manually fixing text documents and emails. TextSoap can automate away all that tediousness.

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Smarter Queue

Social Media sharing with post variations for evergreen social campaigns lasting several months

SmarterQueue - The Powerful All-In-One Social Media Scheduling Tool

SmarterQueue is the smartest all-in-one social media management tool for savvy marketers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

SmarterQueue takes the headache out of content scheduling. Each Category has its own separate Queue and Posting Plan, so you don't need to worry about timings. It's all automated.

Boost reach and engagement with no extra effort. Set your posts to recycle and they'll rejoin your Queue to be published again as many times as you like

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Digital workspace to keep everything in one place for your team


Alternative Digital workspace


Youtube content optimizer

TubeBuddy | The Premier YouTube Channel Management Toolkit

Your best friend on the road to YouTube success

TubeBuddy is a FREE platform with a browser extension & mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel with ease.


- Advanced Keyword Research

- Time-saving templates and tools to drastically speed up publish times.

- Guides you through YouTube's Best Practices and ensures your videos are set up for success.

- Tools to help promote your videos across the web and use your existing videos to drive traffic to new uploads.

- Simplified A/B Testing for your thumbnails

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